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  1.  brilliant feel good movie


    50 first dates is a brilliant feel good romantic comedy, im not a big fan of romcoms but im a huge fan of andam sandler and a huge fan of the wedding singer. this films combines the two from that film in adam sandler and drew barrymore as well as adams usual cast of buddies. the story is sweet the humor is side splitting and will have you smiling and laughing all the way through. id strongly recommend this to anyone. ill be looking forward to adams sandler's next romcom as im sure it will be as funny and uplifting as this film.

  2.  By far one of the most underated films of all time, genius


    this film is so underated, in my opinion its pure comic genius, its goofy meets slaptick comedy at its best, with influences from southpark and jokes and comic situations from start to finish. im a huge fan of south park and you can see the influences taken from that but its also so original. this film will have you laughing from start to epically funny finish this is a must have film.

  3.  huge improvement but has its downfalls


    firstly the good points, graphically this nfs is awesomme, the cars, tracks, crash sequences and environments look amazing. the range of cars is impressive as is the list of tracks and its good to see a racing game with some good british tracks such as donnington, brans and silverstone, a long with great tracks like laguna seca, the nurberg ring (although not named this you can tell that it is) and the spa circuit. the layout and career is great its not too short like previous nfs games its quite lengthy and can be tuned for any racer new or experienced.
    bad points, the controls although better in some ways from most nfs games, cornering is terrible, a slight flick and ya battling to get ya car straight again and with the computer never spinning unless you smash into the side of them it makes things difficult, but this can also make you a better game driver but could be a lot better. also the customisation, i know isnt the biggest part of this gme but you want your ride to look awesomme and the options are minimal to say the least, even the tuning side of things there isnt too much to customise.

    all in all this is a huge improvement of previous nfs and is worth buying but in my opinion wait for the price to drop will be more worth it then

  4.  tetris back to its addictive best


    the last few tetris games havent really been up to scratch, but this well this one is beack to its best. it's so addictive it leaves you playing for hours until you beat that high score. it has so many modes and so many changable settings so you can play it to whatever standard you want. and with the interchangable backgrounds and music you really cant get bored. great game and value for money. a definate must have for tetris fans

  5.  best comedy to come from america


    For me scrubs is by far the greatest comedy to come from america. I have been a fan since the very first episode right through to now on series 7 / 8. The writer for this show is a comic genius and zach braff is a legend. For as long as they make scrubs i will always be a fan as they have always been funny and in my opinion i've never seen a dull episode.

    Scrubs ftw =]

  6.  brilliant but too short


    Finally we have a lara just for hd, and fully makes the most of what the hd consoles have to offer. The graphics and surroundings are awesomme, the weaponary is not great but still good. And the way the lara moves has improved a hell of a lot, she moves like a real person would and reacts to things like a normal person would, not like before when she felt robot like and slow. Everything about this game is awesomme, the story is gripping, the environments change from hot and sunny, to rainy to snowing, and you can feel the character adjusting to each setting. This is a great game with one draw back, and that is that its too short, but it makes up for that with everything else. Best tomb raider since psone, worth every penny :-d

  7.  awe- inspiring / frustrating / addictive


    Firstly i have to say the graphics for this game are simply awesomme. The environments are so bright and the colour scheme for this game is superb.
    I admit it takes a little while to get used to the controls but when you do your left feeling like you can run up anything, reach any height dodge any bullet in slo mo, and out run any cop.
    Its such an addictive game you just cant seem to put it down. But it does get frustrating, but strangly in a good way. You just get so determind to make that jump, or escape those cops, that you end up shouting at the tv or even your self, but when you make it it feels like you've just passed the biggest test ever.
    Also they story for the game is superb, its gripping and you just want to know more and more each time. And the cell shaded, graffiti like graphics for the cutscenes are amazing and really suits the style of the game. I only gave this 4 stars as like others i wanted more and its a little short, but without ruining the ending it is left wide open for a sequal.
    So all in all an awesomme game that you have to play before you die

    Bring on mirrors edge 2

  8.  excellent game


    I was also a huge fan of the first one and the second installment doesn't dissapoint me at all. The graphics are even more superb than before the story line is gripping although a bit short, the weapons are amazing (okay the shotgun is a bit weak but thats a really small defect), the control system is simple, and the whole game is just addictive. All in all an awesome sequal to an epic game.

  9.  superb fps will be a classic for years


    First thing, yes this game is short, but it makes up for that in how awesomme it actually is. The weapons handling is perfect and the control system is simple to use. It has a good story line to it and is topped off with amazingly good graphics. Cod4 has set the bench mark for fps's of the future and its going to take one hell of a game to be better than this one. Definate must have game, in my tope ten of all time.

  10.  superb racing simulater =D


    This may be a 360 classic but it is still a game i love to play. Okay the graphics aren't on par with gran turismo 5, but then again this is probably twice as old if not more. The car handling is awesomme, changing from car to car. The uprgrades are decent and the tracks are amazing. I defy anyone to play this game and not enjoy it. Its well worth the price tag it has now and i would reccoomend it to anyone who loves racing games.