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  1.  Great!!!!


    This film while i expected a dumb action movie turned out to be really engrossing and intense!
    I found myself totally captivated by the characters and their situations and while the ending is very abrupt, if you understand that you aren't meant to see the whole picture.
    Great acting, especially from charlotte rampling.
    Very entertaining action with a heart

  2.  Incredible and VERY thought provoking


    This is one of those films that makes you question the very fabric of morality. It investigates some of the most harrowing indecisions that humanity is struck with in such a hopeless situation.
    Providing damn good acting, a great script and characters that actually have emotional depth and charm The Mist is Fantastic from begginning to end... and what an ending! you'll put the disc away thinking "wow..." how you take that is up to you but take it from me... The Mist is one stellar horror film!

  3.  Only for the fans


    I got this free with my PS3 copy of dead space and i have to say it was very watchable and enjoyable.
    theres not a shred of originality in the entire thing but if you like the game and would like to know more about how it all started you cant go wrong with this.
    just dont believe them when they say "will redefine Animated horror" hah! Ea have a nack for pulling it out their...

  4.  Cold, Exciting and downright insane!


    This essentially is a film about entrapment. About a family's life being torn apart piece by piece with nothing they can do to stop it.
    Fantastically writen, direction is great and every twist in the story disoreintates you beyond belief.
    Really interesting film that is definately out of the norm for thrillers of its type.
    Give this one a go

  5.  the end of an era... and what an era it has been


    this is certainly a landmark in gaming, whatever your console, your preference MGS has been one of the most infuential, outstanding and innovative series of all time

    and for its genre, it is certainly top of the charts in terms of production values, and will be for years to come

    an abseloute classic

  6.  really really really really good!


    most sequels nowadays flop instantly, many fresh ideas get stale, Condemned is everything the first one was and more.
    the combat system has been expanded tenfold making it 10x more brutal than the first,
    there are more guns this time around and its not as long as the first but when its got such an amazing story, and the most electrifying and depth defining sound track i've seen this year, you cant help loving it.
    the cutscenes are (as in the first) as movie like as they come, there are a few sloppy cliches not found in the orignal that make you feel like they weren't trying with characters but after that, its all good... that is, if you can get over some of the actors being really bad!

    great stuff

  7.  Fantastic!


    the film that started it all!
    The Bourne Identity is an enormous triumph in a medium of cinema that looks as if it is going down the toilet.
    many thrillers of its time were huge flops, simply cashing in on the hapless consumers... but the bourne identity!
    its a brilliant blend of everything that has come to make an action thriller great and is a superb adition to anybody's arsenal of high calibur action flicks.

  8.  a stonking good action movie!


    what a thriller this turned out to be, the HD is brlliant and the sound is fantastic (but you need surrond sound of course) there is no reason why this film should not be in HD becasue the quality is phenomenol!

  9.  blu ray makes it slightly more bearable... i suppose


    I'm sorry but how can they justify such a worthless piece of f.......ilm! If they think that a story more cliche than a spoof is going to make a good film then these guys need their heads checked, worse than a care bear movie and the most uninteresting script I've ever had to plug my ears to!
    I'd like to change my rating to 1 star just because the first part is alright... ehhh...
    It takes everything that makes a film pants and mushes it together to make an embarrassing and poorly made pile of excrement its like the product of cutting the movie "a clockwork orange" to make it more child freindly!
    I was reaching for a rusty blade to scrape across my eyeballs just so I wouldn't have to watch tobey Macguire cry like he's just licked a nuclear lemon! it is an appauling piece of work and AN INSULT TO BOTH MARVEL, SPIDEY, STAN LEE AND FILM ITSELF
    If you liked the others (which I loved) then, I suppose really you'll have to see it someday but... just dont expect anything worth even the price of a cinema ticket, it ruined a great evening with the pals and will leave you wondering, where's the loo? I need to go throw up now!

    dear god... marvel look what you've been reduced to!
    It happened with X-men the last stand, and it looks like history is repeating itself.... sigh!

    bad bad bad!

  10.  about as perfect as a political thriller can get


    outstanding performances are key in the political thriller and this film delivers on every level of excellence.
    A festival of Twists and frights all captured in full on HD glory make this a perfect addition to your collection.
    makes 2 hours seem like 2 minutes with its fantastic pace and story development make this a huge story without being rushed in the slightest.
    truly a great film