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  1.  Very different... A very good thing!


    Although last year's series 5, had a new Doctor, a new companion, a new Tardis and and new opening score, it is this years series 6 that has really taken the leap forward. Although I thoroughly enjoyed last year's episodes and Matt Smith slowly but surely grew on me, most of those episode could have been interchangable with David Tennant's Doctor.
    The episodes that have aired so far of series 6 however are impossible to imaging with any other Doctor than Matt Smith, or any other campions than Amy, Rory and River for that matter.
    Matt Smith has entered a league of his own, totally making the role his own this year and completely shaking off the Tennant-isms that crept into his perfromance last year. If he keeps this up he could well go down as the greatest ever Doctor.
    As the series, Steven Moffat has completely ripped up the rule book tihs time. He's split the series in half. It starts with an epic two-part opener that ends on a cliff hanger the likes of which Doctor Who has never done before.
    My one critisism would be that it has become quite adult - I can no longer imagine it appealing to young children... it is very confusing and is devolping a complex series spanning story arc much like X files. But this isn't too much of a problem, because the intricacies of the story are there if you want them, if not you can just enjoy the fantastic characters, acting and special effects.

  2.  The Travel Diaries


    This is by far Karl Pilkington's best and most brilliantly produced book so far. In hardback, with beautiful photos and drawing from Karl through out. At a brilliant price.
    Karl Pilkingotn is the funniest man to have ever lived.
    Karl Pilkington is the greatest Englishman of all time.
    Karl Pilkington is the greatest human being to have ever lived and this is an essential purchase for any fan of the RICKY SMERCH & PILK universe

  3.  Against the Grain


    Not only one of Bad Religion's best albums but one of the best albums in the history of American punk rock. This albums is highly respected and critcally acclaimed by both punk rock fans and critics. And is a favourite amongst Bad Religion fans, who consider this album a stand out gem, along with 'Suffer' and 'No Control' and is remembered as one of Bad Religion's greatest albums.
    An essential album in the history of punk rock, being released at a crucial time (1990) - a time in which many were concerned for punk rock's future in th 90s. The mainstream punk explosion which followed in the mid-90's with bands such as Green Day, Rancid and the Offspring all of which owe a lot to Bad Religion, being the fathers of the California punk scene along with DESCENDENTS and NoFX.
    The highlights of this albums include the B.R classics:
    Modern Man
    Against the Grain
    God Song, and
    21st Century Digital Boy
    All of which are effortlessly catchy classic punk tunes. The entire album has stood the test of time in terms of timeless song writing and brilliantly put together songs. The sound quality is also helped by a digital restoration, giving this classic a perfectly clear modern sound.

  4.  Originators of Pop Punk


    Milo Goes To College is the DESCENDENTS first and best full length album and is a stand out album from the California Punk pre-scene scene. This album displays the DESCENDENTS unique style perfectly. Blending Punk Rock with Surf Pop creating fast, fun, catchy music relevant to any teenage with simple themes of lost love, lust, food and school life. The DESCENDENTS were the templates and main inspirations for many bands such as Blink 182 and NOFX. They did what those bands were doing the 90's california punk scene but way back in 1982, before it was cool or there was a template to follow. An essential album for punk fans. Would like if you are fans of early Blink 182, NOFX, Propagandhi, Screeching Weasel etc

  5.  People who find this boring just don't understand!


    One of the greatest films ever made! If you understand films. You will appreciate Taxi Driver's greatness. I'm a teenager and a love this film. It clicked with me perfectly and inspired me hugely. (In case you think that its ignorant youngsters that don't understand). Anyway Robert De Niro's best performance. Scorseses' best film. Brilliant.

  6.  The Greatest Gangster Movie ever.


    This is Tarantino's best film and is absolutely mind-blowing. The first time I watched this I was meant to be studying all day and I found this movie 'Pulp Fiction' in fairly poor quality on a free movie site. I was glues to my screen til the film finishes. And that is impressive for me becuase my favourite genres are action fantasy and sci-fi and I was expecting more action in Pulp Fiction but I'm glad there isn't, it would only cheapen it. the performances are all stellar especilally Jon Travolta who not only pulls off that horrifying mullet but actually makes it awesome! sam L Jackson is top class as well as is Therman and Willis. If you are channel flicking and you watch 5 mins of Pulp Fiction you would probably thin it is the least clever film in the world with probably more than 10 swearwords a minute. But if you watch all of it you realise its probably the most fascinatinly clever films ever made. Pulp is cooler than Resevoir Dogs. Cleverer than the Godfather and more brutal than Goodfellas. That is why it is the bet gangster movie ever.

  7.  Best thing since Lord of the Rings !!!


    The Dark Knight- 5 stars

    Film of the year. Literally perfect. Worth all the hype. Christian Bale is perfect as Batman/ Bruce Wayne and I really enjoyed the new even more baddass Batman in this one.

    Micheal Caine purrs with sarcasm and wit.

    Morgon Freeman was top class.

    Maggie Gylenhaal was... well not amazing but better than Katie Holmes.

    Aaron Eckhert was SUPERB as Harvey Dent/ Two-face.

    Gary Oldman was brilliant as Lt. Gordon and was more active in this one and clicked well with Batman as a two-man team.

    But one performance utterly shattered all others. Heath Ledger's extraordinary... You would usually say 'performance' but it was more than that. It was a transformation into the Joker. I'm not hyping this beyond what it is. This is the best performance I have ever seen and I'm a huge movie fan. If you leave the cinema and say you wasn't impressed with Heath Ledger- you're a liar. His performance was
    utterly immersive
    magestically evil

    He was so amazing. I will NEVER forget that performance. It is burned into my mind forever. All thats left to say is Rest In Peace Heath Ledger. You were the best actor of your generation and delivered the single greatest performance of all time.

  8.  SONTAR-HA!


    The fantastic Sontarans two parter is enough to get this DVD 5 stars. The Doctor's Daughter was very disappointing but it was redeemed by the delightful The Unicorn and the Wasp. Well worth your money and time. And the good news is that the series gets better as it goes along.

  9.  Tate! Tennat! Monsters! Adventure! ... It can only be Doctor


    Wow great start to a fantastic series. Partners in crime is great fun, sooo funny! TFOP is emotional and epic. POTO is a little disapointing but a still great entertainment.

  10.  One of the best ever


    Sci-fi ???
    Sci fi monsters ???
    plotline ???
    acting ???



    As well as all of the above. This film Will affect you. It is powerful stuff. Once you've seen this you're trapped for life. This film will be burnt into your mind.

    Amazing action, a film that leaves the viewer full up after fully endulging in a masterpiece. This is one film you will not find yourself saying "was that it???" at the end.

    Ripley socking the queen in a powerlifter is the most timeless piece of film ever made.

    Do not die before you see this!!!!