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  1.  Disappointing


    Thane is my favourite character from the Mass Effect games, so I was incredibly excited at the chance to get my hands on an action figure when this line was announced. Unfortunately, he has incredibly restricted articulation (as do the others), but not only that, his neck joint is terrible, he can barely look up, in fact the only way for him to do so is by turning his head to the side.

    His hands are very flimsy, barely able to hold his pistol (i resorted to blu-tac), his right shoulder is in an odd position, presumably to allow a nice pose, but limiting any other sort of position.

    I would only recommend this to huge fans of ME, who are also collectors. There's one nice pose he can achieve, so he can look pretty cool, but it's far from perfect. A real shame.

  2.  very good, considering the quality of the series


    I own all 8 of the current ME action figures, and Shepard is by far the best of them all. His articulation, while limited in his wrists to just rotation, is overall, pretty good. In fact, considering he's wearing armour, it would be strange if he could move any further than he already does. He comes with a removable helmet which is really nice, and his head sculpt is pretty accurate the canon male-shep.
    His armour is really well detailed, and is perhaps the best feature, it looks worn and scratched but durable and tough. His shoulder pads can move (in fact on my figure, his right one often pops off it I move his arm too much, but it's a simple clip-on so it's nothing to do with it breaking)
    In comparison to the others, his ability to actually hold his gun is great, although it's difficult to get his left arm to reach and support it.
    He's by far the most posable, so he's great for displaying in heroic poses.

    If you want any of them, go for Shepard, he'll be the least disappointing. A nice collectible for the more devoted ME fans out there.

  3.  mediocre


    The series 2 figures are just as bad as the first set unfortunately. Miranda is perhaps the worst, she looks barely anything like the character, her legs are woefully limited and she has the same problem as thane, her head is basically always looking slightly down.
    Her one saving grace is that she can hold her pistol in both hands better than any of the others, meaning she can at least be posed a little, but hardly really.

    She's also far to slim in my mind, compared to Tali, who I imagine to be of a similar size, she looks anorexic.

    Almost wouldn't recommend this to even the most die hard of collectors, but if you want to complete the set, go ahead.

  4.  Brilliant model, not so great 'figure'


    I have to say I absolutely love this model. Plo Koon is my favourite character, and there's no greater collectible so far of him than this. It's beautifully sculpted with very fine details.
    The reason I give it 4 and not 5 stars is the articulation, which is restricted ever so slightly when bringing his hands together to hold the lightsaber with both hands. Also, the hands themselves, which come in two styles, open for force pushing and grasping (2 for each hand), are quite loose fitting. This is the reason I say its not a great figure, you couldn't really play with it like an action man as it's much more fragile.
    This won't bother most fans, as I imagine they'll be buying it for display purposes anyway, and as such it is fantastic! the sideshow range is incredible, very posable and of the highest quality.

    Mine stands on the end of one of my bookshelves, and I've used him as a manikin to draw from too.

    Highly recommended, as long as you realise it's primarily a display model!

  5.  beautiful collection of photographs


    I work in a book shop, so get chance to browse our range of astronomy books regularly, and I've always been disappointed by the Hubble books, which are overpriced, HUGE and generally the resolution of the photos isn't too impressive.

    When I first picked this book up, I was amazed. it's not a large book, and so the images are smaller but because of this every single image is incredibly crisp.

    It's not much of an information reference book, but there are other books out there for that, this is simply a stunning collection of photographs with a brief description of each thing you look at.

    I actually managed to get my copy for 5.GBP from The Works, weeks before it was due to be published, silly Works. But it's still worth the price it is on here.

  6.  awakening


    An absolutely captivating lecture which covers just about everything you need to know about the world and it's current state. Sure there are some 'out there' ideas, but as he says, he doesn't force his opinion on anyone, he's just passing information on. It's about time David Icke got some serious recognition and respect

  7.  brilliant and cheap for what it does


    I use this more as an imporvised wireless router for my macbook than i do for my psp and it works fantastically and has a decent range.

    People who rated it low should give it another chance, and try looking online for help to install.

    Also, from my experience no other usb pen will do what this does, i tried a belkin usb router at one point, and it would only receive signal, not send it. The wifi max does both.

  8.  Insightful and deep


    I'm a computer games design student and i've referenced this book a lot in my dissertation. It's deep and insightful for readers in and outside the world of games and brings up a lot of points missed my critics of the industry. Going into at some times, philosophical issues of games and why they have become so successfull not only as entertainment, but pushing our perceptions of the world and art