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  1.  A Malick Miracle


    This is a movie of extraordinary grace and beauty and passion. Prepare to enter a new cinematic landscape and language. The cast is sensational in particular the luminous Jessica Chastain as the young boys' saintly mother. The creation sequences and scenes of early adolescence married to a beautiful orchestra of classical music montages will send you in to cinema ecstacy. Beware though, this is an experimental and anti-commercial experience and you should aqquint yourself with Terrence Malick's films before purchase.

  2.  New Levels Of Artistic Greatness


    Almost Every Episode is a piece of art, the direction is the best ever, the music heartbreaking in its piognancy. Depending on who you are you could consider this the best season of the sopranos ever or the worst. Either way its still the best show on television, the funniest, saddest most creative and dramatic show of all time. Features some of the greatest sopranos episodes ever with Members Only and Mr and Mrs Sacrimoni Request and Moe and Joe. Special mention to Edie Falco and James Gandolphini, the best actors to have ever graced the small screen.

  3.  Kiefer Sutherland Most Powerful Performance Yet


    Season Six has taken quite some slack from fans and critics this year but don't be disuaded by that. I have all five seasons and this year falls only behind season 5 in terms of qaulity throughout. The acting, Direction, Production Values and the plots social relevance set new standards for 24 and the first four episodes of the season are perhaps 24 Greastest Ever Moments. Plot loses focuse with Gredenko and Fayed being not the most intrigiung villains the show has ever produced. This is by far the most action heavy the show has ever been with special mention to the wonderfully choreographed fight scene between abu fayed and Jack Bauer in Episode 17. Peter Macnicol shines as Tom Lennox, Hamri al Assad as a reformed Terrorist and James Cromwell has just the right amount of charm and menace as jacks father just a pity he couldnt have played a more prominent role. The Seson Finale is also a high point with Brad Turner turing in perhaps his best ever performance as Director filling in for Jon Cassar and the last ten minutes with Kiefer and William Devane pack perhaps the stongest emotional punch of the year. An Inconsistent Season that featured several of 24 best ever episodes.