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  1.  good game


    the game was slightly dissapointing as it doesnt mirror the movie but apart from that good game
    Also the 3D option can only be used if u have a 3D enabled television, i no this as i work as an electrical advisor.

  2.  best game off the year


    first of all its annoying hearing people say the game isnt scary enough or hard enough as your now the big daddy, well play it on hard, iv played it and the big daddys and sisters are so hard to kill, makes it a much better game. Online isnt as good as cod's but its all about the story mode but online is still very good!
    well worth buying!!!!! A+++++



    Having brought the game at midnight thursday, i went home and played it until my eyes itched, this was around 5 in the morning, and i could have easily played more, the co-op campaign takes some getting used to but then its great. Also the solo campaign is great, it always annoys me when people do campaigns on easy then complain they complete it in 8hours. Well this is different, u have to take ur time.
    The online play is both an imporvement on the last game with huge maps and most buildings can be used.
    I also like the way that u can levell up by doing the campiagn with friends.
    The onli downside to the game is that i would have like a destructable environment such as on bad company, other then that it promises to be the best selling game on the xbox so far!!!!!! Cant wait to see the expansion maps either.
    Really worth the money a must buy for everyone.

  4.  exactly what it says on box


    not outstanding, not new and innovative, but great, new runs out or needs recharging, never breaks down. just great, i have a wired and wireless and find myself using wired more.

  5.  fantastic


    it may seem slow and a little boring at first but after an hour or two the game becomes brilliant. would recommend to any one.
    play it on a hard level with the lights of and u will feel the fright

  6.  quality


    i would have given this review 5 out of 5 but i feel the last level is impossible on veteran iv tried around 300 times but i just cant do it.
    but to all those people who say the graphic are awful, r u sure u have the same game, by far the best graphics available, online is superior to the ps3,
    slightly dissapointed when i read the trailer i thought the scenery would be fully destroyable or optional but u still have to go where the computer wants u to, would like to be able to jump,over more walls and break down doors
    but on the whole, breathless

  7.  fonejacker


    the comedy is so simple yet fantastic and the videos to do with it are quality, cant wiat for its release