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  1.  An album that makes you yearn for the real thing


    tl;dr - Not really worth it.
    This album is pretty good, it's well put together, the track listing plays out well and musically it's pretty sound.
    And it is indeed a big but.
    The better tracks on this album are those that cover the well known tracks (usually covered by Gothaccoustic Ensemble) and they obviously have to follow the song as closely as possible. This means that any deviation just makes you yearn for the original.
    The biggest flaw of this is they don;t have the vocal recordings and have to do it themselves. In particular regard to gothaccoustic ensemble this never really pays off. The best example of this is track 14. Place for my head. The vocalist, in an attempt to capture the original vocal stylings, screeches, yells and raps. It sounds terrible, almost farcical.
    I originally got this while going through a razed in black faze. Their music is sound and fun and I still enjoy it. But their covers do nothing new to the original.
    This whole album just seems a rehash and the few tracks that do dare deviate (hit the floor, hi voltage, by myself) tend to be instrumentals and are all songs that were never that good anyway.
    Get this if you want to hear linkin park without the vocals
    Don't get this if you think you'll like it because you like Linkin Park or any of the bands involved.

  2.  Dawn of the cliche


    tl;dr - pretty predictable, badly arranged but nicely drawn on zombie and action sequences.
    I got this with 'dead eyes open' and maybe that's why I couldn't get on with this book. Other than Marvel Zombies those were my first zombie comics. DEO being a smart and unconventional tale.
    This, however, is kind of what I expected. I had purposely avoided zomcomics before for this reason. This is riddled with cliches (evacuation centres with rape, latino gangs spouting randomly mexican sentences, small group on the run) and pretty badly planned scenes.
    I suppose the biggest problem for me was I couldn't get involved. The panels usually involved several people speaking, most of which appeared to have closed mouths. The dialogue was pitiful (maybe we deserve this, backstory of good cop gone bad etc) and of course, the samurai on the cover. The one who spouts Sun Tzu, discusses plant life as a metaphor and has a sword that can cleanly slice through bone.
    The one saving grace is the actual zombie action. There is a fair amount and the artist excels at the details and gore, although the violence did feel a bit roped in.
    Get this if you like tales involving rape, man kinds cruelty to one another, or seeing the same stories you see in 50% of zombie films done worse.
    Don't get this because dead eyes open is cheap on play (seriously, get that one!) and because it's pretty poor.

  3.  mind = blown (bad news for zombies though)


    tl;dr- Very clever zombie comic book that's easy to read and filled with awesome.
    This book is great. I love zombie things (in fact I'm STILL writing a zombie film) and this is unique and clever. Whilst the twist of a zombie story from the zombie perspective is as unique as zombies that still think, this comic details the rise of clear thinking 'returners'. Told through the (dead) eyes of a psychologist recently returned (and eating tofu) we learn of the condition and discover a wider network of others like him.
    The intelligence really begins when living people are learning how to deal with them. From re-murder to undead camps, all entirely credible and believable ideas. The main character becomes a spokes person for undead rights and the story starts to become more complex with the inclusion of a mad scientist and a Zombie celebrity (which is surprising and awesome).
    I read the whole thing in one sitting in an hour and thoroughly enjoyed it. If this doesn't get made into a film it would be criminal.
    Get this if you like zombies, comics or interesting twists on traditional stories.
    One last thing would be the art work. It's not immediately striking but well detailed and fittingly dark. The chapter illustrations are particularly well done and each panel keeps you involved. It was only in one panel (I assume it's a printing error) that I remembered it was a comic I was reading.
    Don't get this if you're queasy around violence (it's not too extreme but still...) or can;t afford the 4 ish pounds.
    Last thing; It's brilliant, and come on... well worth the pennys.

  4.  comedy? More like... rubbish


    This film is wrongly labelled as a comedy, it also has phrasings such as 'best Carey comedy', 'Jim Carey returns to form', as good as 'trueman show'.
    These are all very, VERY wrong.
    The film is a dark tale of a man's obsession with another man, and the cons he will commit to be closer to him.
    The 'hillarity' begins when our lovable con artist cons people of their money, with even more 'hilarious' results!
    The 'laughs' then come thick and fast when he goes through some 'funny' situations to get back with his lover.
    All allow us to get to the ending which made us 'roll on the floor laughing'.
    So yeah, just replace hilarity with disturbance, laughs with vomit and funny with highly inappropriate. Oh and roll on the floor laughing with caused us to be disillusioned not only with people's concepts of comedy but also with film, people and life.
    I guess this film is enjoyable if you like a comedy that is dark, inappropriate, unfunny and depressing.
    Don't watch this if you like Jim Carey's previous comedies which are the best because they're innocent and fun.

  5.  This is the BEEst!


    tl;dr - This is a great film for anyone who's been to university, enjoys darkly humorous films or that likes Brett Easten Ellis novels (which should be everyone).
    I bought this film a long time ago, when I was a simple young uni student and I loved it. I have since seen this film around 20 times and it is always enjoyable. There are a range of stories in the film but it is centered on 3 students who are unfeeling, self indulgent narcissists. Which I could easily relate to.
    There's alot of comedy and an awful lot of drug abuse, but so is any university.
    It's a fun film, rich in it's character development and with some classic moments. It will also make you want to read the book which will then make you a full time BEE fan.
    So yeah, get this if you like films with dark comedic moments, tales of university life or a genuinely good film.
    DON'T get this if you think it's going to be like American Psycho... it's not.

  6.  pretty girls make pretty awesome!


    Had the album since i was a teen, all bright eyed and angry at the world. The music is slow and eerie with a female vocalist who can create an atmospheric ambiance. This all then quickly changes in most songs to become an upbeat indie masterpiece. It's great to sing and dance to and a fantastic band all around.
    Buy this!

  7.  tongue in cheek liquid nectar for the ears


    I got this album years ago and it's a testament to how great it is that I can still listen to it. It's a slow, funky sounding indy band with lots of catchy tunes, but what really makes them great are there lyrics.
    'every night I'm awoken by sheep, let the foot and the mouth prevail, if it means I can sleep.'
    It's a great album to get if you like indy music with fun lyrics.

  8.  more golden oldies than yo mamma had last night


    tl;dr - not as good as the first but still a great read
    This sequel to the groundbreaking and epic batman returns is pretty good. I am aware i gave this 5 stars but you must realise its not for the storyline alone.
    Alot of the storyline this time around revolves around a whole bunch of old fan favourites turning up - green lantern, flash, wonder woman to name a few.
    This time batman is actually rather inactive, he plots and shows his carful planning in this novel as opposed to the last which focuses on his thoughts and feelings more. This time its about action!
    The main thing that made this book so great to me is something I didn't particularly enjoy the last time. It's in fact the colouring. Whilst the dark and pale colours of Batman returns (BR from now on) suited the eerie quality and darkness of the storyline, the colours are much brighter and more dazzling this time around. They make the action more exciting, the story more realistic and at times you'll stare at a page just for the amazing quality of the drawings.
    Get this if you like BR and the recent batman films.
    Don't get this if you're a nerdy fanboy whose place BR on a pedestal too high to ever be surpassed.

  9.  get the most-er from your poster


    tl;dr-62 quotes from the comic geniuses that are mitchell and webb
    This is an epic poster for anyone, but especially fans of the series. SOme bring back hilarious moments, some are true to life and some are just true. With great moments such as 'stolen food tastes better. the secret ingredient is crime' and 'people like coldplay and voting for the Nazis, you can't trust people' this poster is a must for students, fans of the series and people who want to have a room filled with epic posters!

  10.  how could angel sleep with buffy? Rigor mortis worn off?


    tl;dr- a classic mix for the shoegazing generation
    This album brought me and my lady together... well closer together anyway. It has many epic songs, a shame that only garbage and HEPBURN made it over here when so many of the other songs are stand outs.
    Buy this if you like slow rock with electronic twists and beautiful singing.
    Dont buy this if you need alot of bass in everything you listen to.