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  1.  Strange One


    First off, if you're a fan of Claire Danes you should probably see this, she is incredible and at her most dazzling! But unfortunately, the source material is anything but. The film is way too long and when you look back on it, very little actually happens. Orson Welles is played by Christian Mckay who does a great job but a lot of the scenes are dedicated to his monologues and especially in the second half. The film is witty and sharp but lacks a plot and has a needlessly strange tragic ending. You'll also be looking at the clock long before the credits roll. It's a good film for Zac Efron to cut his teeth on but feels like a waste-it could have been so much better.

  2.  Frenetic at its best, Frustrating at its worst


    I didn't have high expectations for this album since it is the first without any writing credits from deceased drummer James "The Rev" Sullivan. A truly talented man, he was also responsible for some of A7Xs best riffs. But they must sorely miss him. There are perhaps 4 decent tracks on the whole album and from the high point (Shepherd of Fire) the album declines with the very next song. Sure, Syns guitar work is incredible on "Hail To The King" but the song is just boring. From there, the fifth track "Requiem" is the next high point followed by "Heretic" and the truly excellent "Coming Home." But that's about it! "Doing Time" is truly awful, "Acid Rain" is another snore fest and "Planets" is one of many prolonged atrocities on this album. If it wasn't for Shepherd of Fire and Coming Home, this would be their worst ever album by far. But those 2 songs are truly excellent and the newcomer on drums is highly competent. So all in all, a missed opportunity. We've got 2 crackers to add to the Avenged Arsenal but that's it. Maybe next time eh?

  3.  An Absolute Gem


    What a funny film!! I'm not sure where to start tbh, it barely puts a foot wrong. The acting is superb, the characters brilliant, the dialogue superb and the simple premise-waiting on customers in a normal restaurant day-is so unique it's a stroke of genius. It's also very refreshing not to have some shonky love story running through it and makes the film so much more realistic. Indeed, the beauty of this film is reality suspended in disbelief. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as a cocksure waiter, Justin Long believable as a young man unsure if he has fulfilled his potential already and Anna Farris great as a jilted yet ice cool modern chick. And this is without even mentioning the fantastic characters of the two cockasian busboys convinced they are gangsters. Some of the comedy is a little crude but the incredible performances from all involved paper over this spectacularly. That's not to say you won't be wetting yourself laughing-you will. Although perhaps not for older viewers, it's always good when a film like this comes out of the blue and completely grips and enthralls you. Riveting, Racy, Raucous. See it.

  4.  Excellent!


    The original and Best parody movie, Scary Movie might just split your sides. So, So many jokes and a good few movies ripped into; it's simply hilarious. Scream is the main victim but there's also I Know What You Did Last Summer, Blair Witch Project and The Exorsist-all parodied spectacularly. Doofy is an ingenius creation (Poor David Arquette!) and the film made stars of Anna Farris and....Shannon Elizabeth? The humour could possibly be described as immature but it is well observed and-crucially-laugh out loud. But hey, when it's this funny who cares?

  5.  Why does everyone hate this movie?!


    Epic movie is hilarious! The observations are very funny and all of the decent epics have been bought together in a great story. There are so many bits that'll have you going "Oh remember that bit when...." Honestly, You probably won't take this from me but this is a great movie! Please don't be taken in by the cynics, you should watch it just for Captain Jack Swallows alone!

  6.  Brilliant!


    They've still got it! The humour comes from realistic situations and hilarious observations. The best sketches have to be Guy Ritchie and Madonna, the hyperchondriacs, Polski Cafe and the Posh builders. But even better than them is the fantastic Jose Arogantio and the notorious Didier Peskovic. I'm a Chelsea fan and I still find these really funny because it is so well observed (Harry and Paul being gooners themselves.) Laughs are guaranteed so ignore the mad review below me and buy this comedy gem!

  7.  This Film is in Black and White!!!


    ^^ Very important point, nowhere on this page does it say this. The film was shot in black and white because Kevin Smith had a 25,000 (GBP) budget and it was the only way he could make this film. As for the movie itself, it's...different. It doesn't really have a genre, there are quirky jokes but it isn't in any way boring. It's sort of drama/romance/comedy so I guess all in all, it's cult. Set in Surburbia with the usual 9-5 grind it's based in normality yet surreal at the same time. The acting is good and it's always good to see a film like this get made-and succeed-but like the other guy said, get the boxset. It'll make this seem a little more relevant and further to that, the other films are crackers too!

  8.  Not For Certain People


    By that, I mean you have to be interested in wrestling, and probably a chap. This is an all-American affair with nothing particularly deep or meaningful. You'd think it would be but the dialogue isn't great and you never really get all that attached to it. There is some great music and Mickey Rourke is good, but it's just too sleazy and depressing. It got a BAFTA in a very bad year of films, and notice how it didn't get a single American award?

  9.  Bad!


    After seeing the good reviews on here, I thought I'd give this a shot. Big mistake! It's not funny, it features the main characters getting stuck on a boat full of homosexual men and the story is rubbish! I thought Will Ferrell would have a bigger part too, as it was he had an unneccesary cameo which surely only happened to boost the status of the movie. It's a shame because I do like the actors but this is just a waste of a film. Avoid!

  10.  Actually Really Funny!


    Wow what a Gem! I'll admit I only really bought this for Jason Biggs, who is great btw, but the story was actually really good and there were tons of laughs! It's a bit like American Pie, except Biggs is more mature and experienced. It also reminded me of Anchorman in that the setting is fairly normal but all the characters are mad! Overall, Wedding Daze was great and I really enjoyed it. It's light and perfect when you just want a laugh or 30!