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  1.  Good old tank game


    This Xplosiv edition contains two games in one Panzer Elite Action and dunes of war the graphics for the age of the game are quite good, but I suffered a lot of glitches like tank turrets been missing and general tearing of graphics. It might work better on an older graphics card. I found it did work on windows 7.Gameplay can be quite tough on some occasions, at the consul you can enter ''Tank.Immortal'' to stop any damage. You only have an external view no internal view, so more arcade like than sim in concept. Out of the three other tank games I have used I think this one is the best.

  2. F1 2011

    F1 2011

    PC Games

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     Good F1 Racing Game


    If you have used the game GP4 this drives very much like that, the graphics are similar. Only a bit better on the track but a lot better on cars and people. The graphics have a crisp clear bright feeling to them, happily nothing like the smeary misty over exposed look of Grid.
    Nice to see all the new tracks, I started to use a Thrustmaster steering wheel, but despite many adjustments I found it very tough to control the car. When I used a joystick every thing got vastly better.
    This is the complete opposite of a game like dirt 2.
    I like many others, still find the penalty system very odd, and far to inflexible. E.G. I got black flagged and disqualified 3 time's in a row, and I never moved off the start line. When did that ever happen formula 1 Racing!
    A good point is you can make your own grand prix season up just, picking the tracks you want to and race without any qualifying laps like quick race setting on GP4.
    I have used this game on 2 computers and stability is good with a good average 45-50 F.P.S.
    Windows live has already made 1 update to it.

  3.  Good Basic Router


    I used this to replace a TalkTalk WiFi Modem the Cabled Part of the connection works very well and the Auto Set up is very easy. It come's with many presets for most u.k. ISP providers, It was up and running in a few minutes.
    I found at first that the WiFi was a bit dodgy with a lot of severe slow down's in speed. I managed fairly easily to change the channel it work's on, from the default number 1 this greatly improved the performance. If like me you have a large number of competing WiFi devices in your area, you really need to got some software working, and find out what channel they are all working on, and change your device to a free channel there are 13 to choose from. Make sure that the firmware is at least V1-10723. (mine was much older)
    I emailed tech support, and 1 week later have not got a reply.

  4.  Improvement on 07 version


    This version shows some graphic's improvement on the 2007 version, that always seemed to look a bit lacking in saturation, and washed out colour's. Keeps most of the things in the previous version's and adds one or two new thing's. Plenty of differant games and difficulty levals, easy to find a leval that you can play and win easily, used it on Vista Windows 7 and XP works on all of them.

  5.  Good Economy Graphics Card


    The Card I got was a Palit 8800 GT The main advantage with this card is an improved heat sink and fan. The temperature is around 46C in 2D use and about 58C in 3D use, well below some cards of this type. It seems to make no more noise than a 8600 card. Most of the performance improvement comes in improved frame rate and a higher screen resolution, not all games show all that much improvement.Most older games show hardly any improvement, most newer games show a fair bit of improvement. I would advise at least a 450 watt power supply, you may just get away with a 400 watt. It came with some usefull adaptors and Tomb Raider game.

  6.  A great game not to demanding on hardware


    This game has superb graphics that exceed most other games, but it does not demand a very powerful graphics card, a GEforce 6600 GT would suffice. Not only great graphics, but most of the play levels are very nice and make for a very pleasing viewing experience. This game won't tie you to a rigid fixed route, like a lot of games will, you can wander around and explore a wide and interesting play area You may need to get a cheat mode (God) as the game can get you stuck respawning at a particular point. It will take a cheat code just a few key strokes and mouse clicks.
    I have now played this game with 3 graphics cards starting with Gforce 6600GT then Gforce 8600GT and Gforce 8800GT and after each upgrade the graphics look better than with the previous card. I think this game is just as ground breaking on graphics performance as Far Cry ever was.

  7.  Falcon Flight Sim


    If you have used the original Falcon 4 Game you will notice a big improvement in the rendering of the ground objects, also there are extra wars like the Balkans. Most of the flight mechanics are like the original with a few improvements. Mostly a lot more reliable and stable in operation than Falcon 4. This has got to be one of the most realistic military flight sims available to-day. It may take you a long time to master all the weapons systems, but it is well worth the effort.

  8.  Pure Pinball 2.0 Redux


    This Pinball Game only has 3 tables and a small number of different views (12 but all very much the same) but it makes up by having very accurate ball movement and dynamics. It compares very well with a proper pin ball table in that respect. I think this is one the best of this genre, but there are not all that many to choose from.

  9.  Excellent Graphics and good game play


    This game looks very good and has a wide range of different looking areas, the bleakness of chernobyl is well captured. you don't have to complete the game in a rigid order you can vary it quite a lot. Like a lot of FPS games it can get very hard, you dying far to often, but trainers are available that stop this happening. There is a lot of talk of crashing in this game i used a Geforce 8600GT and AMD Athlon 64 4000+ and never experienced a single crash even with a trainer running, did have a few stops in the action, for a second or two, this effect is nearly always caused by windows doing other tasks in the background. I used the 1.004 update, right from the start. This update is quite a small download about 7 MB

  10.  Far Cry can, be far to hard


    this game has a lot of very big game areas that you can spend a long time exploring. I found that even on the easy setting you seem to die far to often, been attacked from all angles by enemies that you can hardly see. This is much like the far cry p.c. game, it get's far to tough as the game progresses but in the p.c .game you can use the developers mode to stop you getting killed every 2 minutes This is not possible on the Xbox 360 version. There are cheat codes but they are only partly effective. A big point is a lack of precision that the controls give in something like gun aiming,this makes a already hard game even harder.