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  1.  One of the best ever!


    This album is one of the greatest ever made in any genre of music! Artwork and all that nonesense is irrelevant!! The music is what counts, and the music in this album is simply sublime, as are the lyrics which accompany it. A simply brilliant album to say the least.

  2.  Outstanding!!!


    I own GOW 1 and 2 and they are AMAZING, some of the best games ever made. As soon I as I heard about one coming to the PSP I knew I would get it!! And it didn't disappoint, although they had a different creator for this game they stuck to the true the story and core elements of the original 2, and ofcourse the women are still there :) This game along with 'The Warriors' 'GTA: Vice and Liberty' are the BEST games out on the PSP and I recommend you get them ALL!! And also look out for: Resistance-retribution coming out next year!!

  3.  Simply amazing - Top class


    This game is an absolute work of art!! I've got the beta and the amout of levels people have already created is CRAZY!! This game is going to be a top seller, maybe even game of the year! The amout of things you can do and create is simply outstanding, this game will have you hooked for months. There is no ending, people are creating levels with things you cant even dream of, there is no end to the things than can be created in this game. I cannot wait!!

  4.  Great Jacket


    I saw some complaints about the jacket being smelly and leaving marks on your clothes. I bought this jacket just a couple days ago and I can say it DOES NOT smell and it certainly leaves no marks on yr clothes (maybe it used to) but it was fine when I got it. But I will say the detail shown in the picture around the collar and cuffs is not on the actual jacket which was a slight disappointment. Other than that, there isn't anything to complain about. Yes the cut is slightly tight around your lats and shoulders but that is just the style. All in all GREAT jacket, can be worn both smart and casual!

  5.  GAME of the YEAR


    What a game!! GOWII has everything you could want from a game. Action, Violence, Nudity, Top graphics, Wonderful story and mind blowing in-game action sequences. It's graphically one of the most beautiful games I have EVER seen, you just don't want to stop playing, you totally fall into the world of the Gods and Kartos. The graphics in the Hi-Res videos are the best I've ever seen. They are even better than Resistance and Gears of War. This game is without a doubt MY game of the year, and it's definetly Game of the Year on the PS2 without a doubt. GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW and if you haven't bought GOWI you should get it as well!! I cannot wait for GOWIII on the PS3.

  6.  Visually Stunning


    I also downloaded this game from the US PSN, and it is absolutely amazing. One of the best looking games on ANY console, it's smooth as u like, controls are easy and most of all easy to grasp and play. Even the weapons are cool, toss a 'groovatron' at yr enemies sit back and watch them imitate Micheal Jackson. Bloody Brilliant!!