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  1.  Amazing shiny dvds.


    An extremely well done stand alone anime. I was very weary about buying this first of all as it hadnt had many reviews and didn't seem very big in any anime shops i had seen it in.
    But after watching the first 2 episodes it completely hooked me, and ive found every episode exciting and tense since the first. Im so glad i gave it a try and would rate it with some of the best anime ive seen. If anything you should buy it for its awesome totally shiny dvd box =D.

  2.  Awesome t-shirt!


    Well the enlarged picture doesn't show it so well but the picture is lovely and bright on top of the black t-shirt. The image itself is very visible and clear, not like some other stuck on images for shirts. The quality of the material is great, with it being not too thick or thin. The sizes also appear to be very accurate from the sizing guides.

  3.  Doesn't even need a fan!


    I never though it would work so well. The main reason i was buying this contraption was for the fan to cool my laptop from below. But when using the stand ive found that the mere shape has let a lot more air get under the laptop hence cooling the laptop without the need of the fan. I dont even plug it in sometimes and it still works wonders. Not so comfortable on your lap, the plastic digs in a little bit, but on a desk or hard surface its perfect, with a nice angle to type from.

  4.  Top quality gaming mouse!


    I've had this mouse for about a year and a half now and its a very fine accessory indeed. First thing with this mouse you may notice is that there is no annoying red laser underneath, there is absolutely no visible light, which i always find distracting with laser mice.
    The shape of the mouse fits my hand perfectly with even the side buttons being positioned perfectly. I sometimes find my fingers slip off the middle wheel but this has indentations to provide some good grip.
    But my favourite button on this mouse is the one just below the wheel. It changes the mouse speed with a simple click rather than going into windows settings and so on. Starting off at an average mouse speed, clicking the buttons sends the cursor whizzing over the screen which is perfect for gaming and getting over somewhere quickly.
    As another reviewer i did find the mouse scroll wheel stick at some point, but a vigorous rubbing motion has unstuck whatever was stopping it work (probably dirt).

  5.  Is this cgi or real life? I cant tell... =)


    This is a fabulous film to add to your collection if your a fan of sci-fi, anime or merely just cgi. It has great graphics, a nice engaging plot that provides originality to the sci-fi genre and look how cheap the price is.
    The visuals in Vexille can be stunning, especially if your watching it on a HD screen. And for this alone its worth buying, not forgetting its great plot and other special effects.
    It's good to see another decent anime-esque film of such high quality. I just wish more films would be made, rather than hundreds of series.

  6.  3 Episode Naruto Clash


    Firstly I'd like to point out that Naruto should be watched in Japanese with subtitles. This is because it has been Americanised with the dubbing, so it seems very much like a cartoon with the American actors. It is an anime not a cartoon.

    Ok. I am a huge Naruto fan and currently watching Shippuuden, the second series. This first film and all the others are just like an extended episode, or a few of them wrapped into a film. I'd rather describe it as feature length episode. And i dont like to put it down but it's pretty much a general plot with the Team 7 being employed to bodyguard then fight.
    But anyway thats not to say it isn't a great watch. I'm just comparing it with other episodes. The plot is still enjoyable and great with the all familiar characters. And yes i would recommend watching the series first. But also the main thing, if your already a Naruto fan then its blatent you need this film. The colours in it are extremely vibrant and i was pretty much amazed when i watched it and i love the song at the end. If you haven't seen Naruto then dont buy this. YET.

  7.  Great anime with depth...


    This is an excellent anime... i love it. It has everything for me, a storyline (a bit strange at times), action and in-depth characters. Plus the animation is absolutely superb, the opening titles will give a glimpse of how good it actually is.

    I wouldn't recommend Haruhi Suzumiya for first time anime watchers as it can be confusing at times and can leave first timers a bit bemused.
    But other than that it is top notch, it's an anime that doesn't focus entirely on plots and sub plots, but rather on developing the characters.

    The plot consists of Haruhi Suzumiya's adventures, she's a high school student in japan looking for excitement. The story is told by her classmate Kyon, who gives his own quirky edge when narrating the scenes. Haruhi believes that there are such things as time traveler's, aliens and espers in the world, and she is intent on finding them.

    This anime is an absolute pleasure to watch and really sucks you in. I hope people will get a chance to enjoy it.

  8.  Review, plus solving problem with mic.


    The sound that comes out of these headphones is great. I've had some real bass type songs on that it handles brilliantly.
    I mainly bought the headset for its mic and communication use. I was extremely annoyed with it for the first half hour and fiddled with it extensively. This was because the mic would not pick up hardly any sound, apart from me shouting down it extremely loud. I practically had to have it in my throat to pick up a whisper. When i finally fixed it the headset worked great and turned out to be a real bargain. The lead is nice and long and the headset is very comfortable with padded sides for the ears. One drawback is that there is no inline control (a dial for volume on the lead). But i can look beyond that for the price.

    ++==++ Anyway i thought i would post the solution to my problem here, just in case anyone else runs into it.
    First click the volume control icon in the taskbar or go to control panel, sounds and audio devices, and in the volume tab click the advanced button. Once you have the audio control table up with all the volume controls look for mic, you may have to go to options, properties and look for an input option. When you find mic volume control, there should be an advanced button underneath it. Check the "Microphone Boost" button in the new box and close it. You should now be able to talk into the mic from a normal distance.

  9.  Hot effects, Fiery plot!


    Really good film, although it does seem to get quite confusing towards the end. The special effects are really what make the film, spectacular. Just what you would want a modern sci-fi film to have.

    But as i mentioned the plot does seem to get a bit difficult to understand in the second half of the film. Saying that, the whole plot isn't that great to begin with but the starting storyline of 'saving the sun' sounds quite appealing. It can get quite "deep" at times, and with the music it is quite an experience to watch. Cillian Murphy also does justice to the film with his good acting.

    Overall it really is quite a good film, and the special effects make up for the strange plot. Probably not worth paying the usual dvd price of £15 but anything less would be worth it.

  10.  It has quality and quantity, nothing else needed.


    An excellent little mp3 player, that will do everything you want at a bargain price.

    Something i noticed as soon as i picked it up, was how light and small it was. Makes it very easy to just put it in your trouser or even shirt pocket.

    The design is rather more cubey than curved like a lot of other cheap mp3 players. I think it makes it look more expensive than it is. Most of the cheaper mp3's use the same type of model but just differently branded.

    The product comes with neckstrapped headphones, a manual, usb extension cable and a battery.
    At first i thought it would be hard to find my songs in the 1gb memory, but it even has a search function to find them with ease.
    There is a disadvantage with the player and that would be the sound. The volume doesnt go as high as i would like it sometimes. Although a little tip, if you change the equaliser setting to rock, all seems a bit louder with no loss of quality.

    Overall an excellent little player, no point spending £40 on something with the same memory.