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  1.  WOW!


    Great animated film for both children and adults. Thinking of upgrading this dvd to blu-ray? I have just done this and wow! Film just pops off the screen with great colours and sound. Some scenes actually appear to have a 3-d appearance which amazed me. 5/5 stars for the actual film and 6/5 stars for the blu-ray transfer! Enjoy!

  2.  Old favourite returns with mixed receptions.


    This blu-ray release improves on the tv shows that where shown back in easter. They play straight through with no splitting into 3 different episodes and works betters. Some classic red dwarf gags but is still missing what made it great. No bottled laughter doesnt help the feel either. Blu-ray release is incredible - great picture and sound brings out all the detail of the ships and earth. 4/5 stars for a great effort which could have been better. Great blu-ray transfer though. Enjoy!

  3.  Classic film comes to blu ray.


    Classic film by Luc Besson comes to blu ray. Directors cut extends the film and includes the cut scene where the two main characters discuss sex. PQ of this transfer isnt spectacular but any film of this age, unless they spend tens of thousands restoring the film and minting a new hd remaster will show at least a bit of age. I was more than happy and its still an upgrade on the dvd releases. Grain is present but never to a point of checking if i put a dvd in by mistake! Overall 4/5 stars. classic film with 2 cuts of the film but please buy with your PQ expectations at realistic levels. Enjoy!

  4.  Great film - Great blu-ray transfer !


    Big fan of the film and this HD transfer does it great justice. Sound is improved over dvd release and plenty of extras on this release as well. The transfer to blu-ray gives the PQ a great natural look. Everything just look as it should do and is clean and crisp. Blacks and detail are top notch and there is only a small amount of grain in cetain scenes which are part of the directors vision. Overall 5 star and well worth the upgrade. Enjoy!

  5.  Got game today - impressed!


    Just received the game this morning. Been playing all day so imo -

    pros - One of the better adventure games out there.
    Great artistic design.
    Possibly the best soundtrack around.
    Great voiceover work.
    Easy to pick up.

    Cons - Single player experience short ( even when collecting everything ) - two hours in i was 16% complete already.
    Frame rate drops when exploring world quite often.

    Overall i'd give this a 4/5 stars rating. I have really enjoyed it so far and nicely plugs the gap before Borderlands , Dragon Age and MW2 come out. Only real negative is the game length which is short for an open world game. Multiplayer RTS does the job but doesnt set the world alight. Enjoy!

  6.  Excellent product and use.


    Received this free with my Sony 40" kdl-40w2000 lcd tv - excellent product which has delivered on all its promises.

    Easy to set up and the quality of picture and sound has to be seen to be believed - this quality is depend on the quality of the disc but the sony player delivers when given the quality source material.

    Does not come with a HDMI cable so order one at the same time. You get 4 free blu-ray titles when you register online using the enclosed cd. My discs arrived within 3 days - fantastic - simpsons movie, die hard 4, surfs up and kingdom of heaven.

    Highly recommended product on all aspects.

  7. 300



    20 New from  £7.07  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.83

     Awesome to watch the first time then........


    The first time i watched 300 i was blown away - exciting storytelling in a cgi pronounced world. Second and third visits leave me missing some of the excitement as its flaws are revealed.

    The acting is poor, storyline not historically accurate and the overuse of cgi becomes too much. However that may be expected for an action film like this and you get what you expected.

    On blu-ray the film makers vision is shown in its glory. Lots of grain to project the comic book look he wanted. This does not lend well to a HD release and to me spoils the party. You will not be showing this film to your friends to showcase your blu-ray set-up.

    For me the film is a 4 but is knocked back to a 3 because of the HD release not being to my liking.

  8.  Brilliant film - dont wait get it now on playusa.com!


    Brilliant film from the Coen brothers which is region free if you get it on playusa and i can confirm that it is!

    Well acted film with plenty of twists that keeps the pace going throughout.

    The blu-ray transfer delivers on all aspects. Crisp detailed picture, clear sound, great colour levels ( some intentional grain from the film maker) - step up from the dvd release which i can confirm as i have both .

    Definite film of the year and worth your time and money.

  9.  Die Hard delivers again...


    The Die Hard franchise returns again and delivers.

    If you are a fan of the series that you know what to expect - big bangs, laughs and excitement. Only complaint is the story starts to get a bit far fetched towards the end but then this is die hard!

    The blu-ray edition is of excellent quality and will be right up there as one to show off your set up to your friends. Crisp , detailed and with excellent colour and black levels.

    Altogether typical die hard experience that fans will enjoy.