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  1.  A fantastic effort. Hats off too Rebellion.


    Whilst this is by no means a masterpiece in gaming, ala Halo or COD, this game manages to pull off being fantastic fun without taking itself to seriously. Fans of the Alien movies will get the greatest amount of joy out of this game, with all the best bits from the Alien trilogy referenced or paid homage too. The Pulse Rifle cackles with comforting familiarity and the scream from an Alien as you reduce it too a pile of acid will do all to well to remind you of Aliens (the movie). The Predator takes somewhat of a backseat to the war between the humans and the Aliens, but that is not to say their part is underplayed. You will have great fun playing as any of the 3 species, it really doesn't matter who you choose. However, it should be noted that I would only recommend this game for those with online play. The 3 campaigns are good, but are quite short, and therefore are only recommended by their own merit for the most hardcore of fans.

    Multiplayer will be where you find yourself spending the bulk of your time, the most enjoyable modes being "Survival", "Infestation" and "Mixed Species Team Deathmatch". These 3 modes will most definitely keep you playing this game beyond the purchase of your next title, and that's before you even touch on the other 5 multiplayer modes.

    The only negative I can give this game is that it is most definitely one for the fans. I love it so much because I am one of those fans. However, if you are buying this game with no prior knowledge to the Alien or Predator universe's, then I think you may find yourself a bit confused and lost at some points. In conclusion, if you are not up on Alien or Predator lore, then I would only give this 3 stars, and recommend you rent this game first.

    P.S. And just on a quick side-note, alot of people seem to be knocking this game because it bears some resemblance to the average Alien Vs Predator movies, but it should be noted that the AVP games on the PC outlined these storylines years ago, and it is actually the films which ripped-off the games, not the other way around!

  2.  Amazing...


    I was at this gig and Pendulum put their heart and soul into this fantastic set. Pendulum are one of the very few bands in the world who sound better live in concert and the fact that you get a DVD thrown in with the CD just sweetens this already amazing deal. If you like your music, buy this now!

  3.  Great for Japan lovers!


    Fans of bands like Dir En Grey are going to love this album. Kagrra mixes modern J Rock with tradtional Japanese instruments to create a unique and truely delightful sound. Slightly softer than other J Rock bands, Kagrra has the potential to be enjoyed by a much wider audience. A must buy for any Otaku!

  4.  Don't listen to the bad reviews...


    As a long term Naruto fan I have already seen all of the episodes of the first series and all of the filler. I won't spoil anything for you but for those who have not seen this far into Naruto before, you must be on the edges of your seats. 5:2 left on a horrible cliff hanger, and 6:1 is a must if you want to see it through. Alot of people have been moaning about the filler episodes but in all honesty you wouldn't be able to work out where the filler begins if you haven't read the Manga before. Thats said, just because the episodes aren't baised on the Manga doesn't mean they are below par. Quite the opposite has happened in fact. The filler episodes are full of back story about characters who aren't always in the spotlight of the main story arcs, and this makes Narutos world and setting all the more believable. The animation is top notch considering it is a long run series (which are usually produced on tighter budgets) and whilst I prefer the Japanese language with subtitles, the english dub is fantastic, with the only anime out there at the moment with a better dub being Bleach.

    I cannot stress this more. This is essential anime. If you haven't invested yet then go and get series 1:1 and you will not be disappointed. If you have already got into Naruto then I rest my case. My bet is you already have this pre-ordered anyway! ;-)

  5.  Amazing, but it can't stand up to the first two series'...


    It should be made quite clear that if you havn't seen the first two series' of Skins then you can watch series 3 as if it was a new show. There are some minor references to the first two series' but you won't notice them and they won't retract from the story. However, fans of the first two series' may not like series 3 as much as the two previous ones, for the simple fact that the characters are simply not as deep or interesting as before. That isn't always a bad thing however, as series 3 has been particularly easier to watch and grasp as it is on a simpler level. To be honest the acting and writing for all 3 series' is spectacular. This has been one of the few things on TV that has kept me watching TV at all recently. I just cannot simply reccomend this enough, although having seen the first two series' is strongly advised, just beacuse they are even more awesome than series 3!

  6.  At last...


    It feels good to finally be able to review an rts game on a console with controls that work. They are simple and easy to learn but at the same time they allow you to carry out quick, percise and advanced orders for your units to follow.

    There is a wide and varied range of achievements for you to obtain (some easy and some difficult) and the in-game graphics are smooth, whilst the cgi cut-scenes are stunning, the best i've ever seen on 360 or ps3. This game looks and feels "halo". You never feel like you've been ripped off with a rts game thats been painted with halo units for the sake of it. The developers must of really thought about what they were making and obviously had alot of contact with bungie (creators of halo:ce, 2 and 3). Hardcore halo fans will pick up on this as there are alot of hints and references to things that have or will happen in the books and fps games.

    However, the best aspect of this game is the multiplayer. Co-op is amazing and works extreamly well whilst frantic 3v3 skirmishes with 5 of your friends over xbox live are both hectic and hilarious.

    Lastly, if you are buying the limited edition of the game, the extra fiver is definitely warrented if you are a halo fan. The graphic novel provides a more in-depth look into the halo universe and the badge is of a high quality and will look good on your jacket, but last but not least is the free halo 3 maps which you also get, which are simply amazing.

    I cannot simply stress this enough. This game is a god-send for any halo fan and even any person who owns a 360. I really haven't found any fault with this game. Buy this now!

  7.  Amazing game but beware...


    After putting the street fighter iv disc into my 360 for the first time i instantly went into arcade mode to try and gain some of the achievements. I am an avid fighting games lover (the doa series is my favorate), so i thought medium mode would be slightly challenging but not too hard...

    How wrong was i? It was infuriating! I'll admit, this game has a fantastic gameplay mechanic and beautiful graphics but the learning curve is far to steep. Capcom has obviously made this game for the hardcore street fighter fans who have dedicated alot of their lives to playing sf ii and sf iii but in doing this capcom have stopped any new players from getting into the game. The amount of players online shows this, with only 9 people online this friday afternoon, all of whom were in the top ranks so it made it hard to find and win any matches.

    By all means get this game. It's amazing, but be prepared to put in alot of hard work to get anything out of it. Additionally, make sure you are ready for the garunteed swearing that will come out of your mouth when fighting final boss character seth. He's even a pain to beat on easiest mode...

  8.  Final Fantasy II


    It has to be said that overall, this is a fantastic game. It has stood the test of time, just like many other titles made by Square Enix. However, if you are just looking for a bit of gaming nostalgia or simply want FF I and II to complete your collection then I would advise gettin Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls on Game Boy Advance. It features both FF I and II, can be played on your DS / DS Lites expansion slot, costs about £5 less and is a game that has been released on PSP as two seperate ones. The only thing that the FF I and II games on PSP have over the GBA version is the opening scence which is in 3D which lasts about 2 minutes and dosn't warrant the extra £20 you will have to shell out just to play FF I and II on PSP. I would only reccomend this for the Final Fantasy hardcore fanatic / completionist.

  9.  Simply the best...


    If you are a Japanese RPG fan or even an RPG fan in general then you need this game. Although the the US and Japan have seen this game many times before this is the first time it has seen a European release. It was recently voted the best game of all time, even beating fan favorite FF VII! The graphics hold thier own, even though the game is 14 years old and the animated sequences are breath-taking. Gameplay is top notch too, with battles not random like other RPG series and your characters spreading out on the battlefield to gain a tactical advantage like they would in real life. I don't even know why you are reading this... BUY THIS GAME IF YOU OWN A DS!

  10.  Don't listen to the nay-sayers...


    I will try to be quick. Put simply, these headphones are fantastic for anything other than professional DJing or recording, but for 17.99 you shouldn't really be expecting that anyway. The sound is good, with no distortion and they are slightly louder than the standerd iPod earphones but they also keep background noise out surprisingly well, adding to the depth of the volume heard. You also recieve a carrycase for the headphones and an extension lead to make the cord longer, but there is no stero adapter that many of the reviews have wrongly suggested there is. Overall, you cannot go wrong for such a low price, people dissing these headphones are looking for a cheap and professional set of headphones which you simply cannot get for this price, and people saying they break easily are obviously to rough with them as I have had no proplems with their fragility.