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  1.  Amazing


    I got the game slightly early and i can say WOW, its MW2 with a upgrade and it is amazing, some new games a lot more hardcore game for the real gamer,

    Only bad points are the players still quick scoping and still people who should play hide and seek due to camping.

    But dont let the bad players put you off this game, graphics are great the gameplay quick and smooth and yet to experiance lag,

    why am i reviewing this who wont actually own this game?? 10/10

  2.  Amazing Game


    I couldnt reccomend this game any higher, the game is graphicly amazing and it has tempted me to buy a 3D tv because i can see this being even better in 3D, Online takes a while to get used to but once you get the hang of it, brilliant, offline there is not much to say other then AMAZING.

  3.  Its Tiger Woods (what else do you expect?)


    Finally.....Finally....Finally, Augusta has come to Tiger Woods!!!, A good game great graphics and a realistic progression mode, my one little gripe is the Caddy (he's not the best) so do it yourself turn him off and love the king of games.

  4.  Yesss At Last


    At last a game i will finally play with my girlfriend, this is fun great for well as it days partys, this is a fun game aimed at kids but dont be fooled us adults love it aswell!

  5.  Amazing!


    this is classic, good cups to play in, wish it was online but the gladiator duel, is amazing workout if you have two move controls its even better, this game goes along way to showing what is to come on the ps3 move

  6.  Good Game Would Recomend


    This is a good game, better then wii sports, good single player modes and its also online which is suprisingly responsive for the cheap as chips price i would say BUY BUY BUY!!!

  7.  Its Good


    This is a good game would recomend, when it comes to the move control it is average at best, sure the next one will be amazing, but this one is slightly lacking although when you do hit a good round it makes it much more rewarding

  8.  Better then Wii,


    This is the best thing to happen to the ps3, i had a wii got rid of it for this, cant speak highly enough for it and i cant wait to see what games are going to come for this. if there is one thing you must buy its this!

  9.  Loading times are a joke


    The game is amazing mario kart meets little big planet, loading times are from a ps1 game or even maby a c64, they are a joke for a game of today, recomended if you have a iphone to play on while the game loads between races and moving round, also download my stig he is class

  10.  Fun!


    Got this game realse day and passed quite a few hours some fustrating!, overall it is a good game not the most responsive but enjoyable, drawing cars and playing games with the little fella is fun. although i must say the camera lets it down as i feel its not as powerfull as it could be and is quite dull.