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  1.  Loved it


    Love Seth Rogen!
    brilliant story that is hillarious and heartwarming
    happy ending ...and a decent soundtrack
    nice to see some of the boys from clerks as well :)

  2.  utterly dissapointed



    james corden was funny in parts but that is the only decent hting about this film

    the boys should stick to tv

  3.  Micky Rorke was Terrific but ...........


    i was dissapointed after the hype ...i was hoping for a quicker pace to the film to reflect the wrestlers rough and tumble lifestyle but at times it was slow adn teduious and i was waiting for the big story to kick in

    Rourke should have got the oscar for this movie tho

  4.  Shock To the System


    People nowadays are scared to walk the street due to the yob and gang culture...and i often wonderd how theese gangs are draged into murder and fights but this film explains it can be as simple as asking some youths to turn down some music.

    Pepole fear this film because they know it can easly happen to them ... evrey day we see gangs messing about and people are to scared to say anything....this film represents the 80 % of the public who are scared to walk alone at night

    Let Gordon Brown watch this and see what he makes

    On a less serious note....its terrificly acted ..great directing and suspensfull....and a really good shocking ending

  5.  Whats American Pie ?


    This is what american pie yearns to be.This movie has a brilliant soundtrack with some classic rock and the any1 who has evr been a teenager can relate to both the freshmen and the seniors in the film.

    its funny smart and will leave you uplifted and help recindle old memories of your last days of school

    Also Matthew Mcgonoahy (havnt spelt that right ) is brilliant in his role...uber cool!


  6.  Not Bad


    Storyline is weak but it does have a few creepy scares...reminded me of silent hill a bit

    nice bit of gore and a twist in the ending . The last half an hour got lost within itself tho

    so overall

    Not Bad

  7.  the BEST single acting performance ever !


    Nicholson ...the best
    he is whats makes this movie what it is

  8.  De Niro's greatest performance


    unbelievable film!
    great story
    great acting
    fabulous soundtrack
    Scorsese's best film

  9.  strong...just neede that extra little something


    good battle scenes
    good acting
    just diisapointed that bale and crowe didnt hold a better relationship in the film
    where the fact that they have a mutual respect for each other isn't portrayed
    really nice ending tho

  10.  awsome! buscemi !!


    wonderful film!
    really long takes in this but it still keeps you hooked
    outstanding character studies
    but this also has a dark twist :(
    buscemi is great as always and sienna puts in a good performance
    and shes fit :P