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  1.  Blah blah blah.......


    I am a huge fan of Dean Koontz and have enjoyed everything written by him so far. I awaited the release of this book with baited breath....what a disappointment it was!! I am not one to give up easily and will always see a book through to the end but this droned on and on about unnecessary rubbish and was trying to build up tension but failed miserably.I expected to be rewarded at the end for my patience but NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENED....except that it succeeded in boring the hole off me.

  2.  Great!


    Perfect fit, would buy another. The only thing is the design could be liable to crack after a good few washes but otherwise for the 5 pounds I paid really good value. Love it!!

  3.  Perfect!!


    I am not an overly large person...about a size 16, and this cardigan is perfect for me, I bought an extra large and you can wear it with anything. It's so warm and I love the material and buttons which are easy to do and undo. I wear it indoors and out especially when I'm driving as a coat would be too bulky.The price is great as I've seen a lot of cardigans that aren't as nice and cost a whole lot more than 16.99!! Don't understand the negative reviews, maybe this cardigan isn't for everyone but is exactly what I was looking for......perfect!!

  4.  Superb!!


    I don't normally listen to this kind of music as I'm into heavy metal but I consider this album to be my 'guilty pleasure'!! I love all the songs and only had to play it twice in row to familiarize myself with them. The lyrics are well written and there are some catchy tunes. what a beautiful voice he has....a cross between Stevie Wonder and Sting.

  5.  Give it a go...


    I watched this movie with my boyfriend and we weren't really expecting too much, but we really enjoyed it!! The ridiculous idea really shouldn't work but hey, it did, very well. There were some edge of your seat moments and sometimes you felt like shouting at the telly, but this movie was very well done, sit back and enjoy!

  6.  Excellent!!


    This film is very silly at times but incredibly entertaining. I love all of the Van Damme movies but I found this one to be more enjoyable then a lot of them. A lot of people think of him as a bit of a one trick pony and action man, but Van Damme CAN actually act!! He played both parts, good guy and bad guy and sometimes you can forget that it is really the same person. This is a brilliant film and I enjoyed every minute of it. Recommended!



    Thought this film was absolutely terrible..there are no words to describe how awful it was, couldn't wait for it to end. What on earth were they trying to do with this?? The acting was incredibly poor and the story was ridiculous! Didn't care about the characters..especially the heavily pregnant lead female enjoying a fag!! Parts of this movie were reminiscent of Terminator..perhaps they ran out of their own ideas!! Awful, avoid.

  8.  The worst film ever!!


    This film was one of the worst films I've ever seen!! If I could give it zero stars I would. Thought I would be rewarded for sticking with this until the end...did not happen!! The 'plot' was full of holes, couldn't care less about the characters and the lead was extremely annoying with her constant running around. Thoroughly angry for wasting time I will never get back. This film tries to be too clever.....it's not!! Watch something else and avoid like the plague!!

  9.  FAB!


    The only reason I went to see this film is because it was too hyped up and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.....but my goodness I'm so glad I did!! It was on for about 2 1/2 hours and it certainly didn't feel like it as I wanted it to go on and on!! I don't have a bad thing to say about it..can't wait for the dvd. Recommended to everyone!! :-)

  10.  Strange!!


    This movie was much better than expected. The hair growing EVERYWHERE made my boyfriend and I feel incredibly itchy!! There was some horrible child physical abuse which was very uncomfortable but the fetishist was absolutely hilarious. Well worth a look just because of the strangeness!! Loved it :-)