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  1.  Excellent Prequel


    This is a prequel to the classic 1960s film starring Charlton Heston. It deliberately takes its time building up the background story, including subtle hints towards the original film (newspaper reports about a manned flight disappearing - the rocket from the original film), before ratcheting up the action and excitement with the unleashing of the primate fury.

    Overall, a highly enjoyable film, well acted, well directed, with mostly excellent effects (apart from a few flat CGI moments in the first 10-20 minutes) - strongly recommended.

  2.  Not as bad as the reviews suggest


    I'm not sure why critics are so scornful of the Spy Kids films - these are chlidren's films and the humour and the situations reflect this; people seem too eager to judge films aimed at children as if they were aimed at adults. My 6 year-old daughter loves this film, and I enjoy seeing Joel McHale (Community) and Ricky Gervais (well.. hearing rather than seeing).

    The film is enjoyable and whimsical, with an interesting concept.

  3.  Complete Rubbish


    This mini-series is, without doubt, one of the worst things I've ever seen - it has the all the atmosphere of a thermos flask and half the excitement. The acting is appalling, the dialogue would make Uwe Boll blush, and I have seen more terrifying things in my toilet than this rubbish.

    Having criticised Stanley Kubrick and his psychologically complex masterpiece, the onus was on good ol' Steve King to deliver the goods (the novel is, after all, one of his finest) - what he delivered, by way of his teleplay and executive producer powers, is banal and suspense-free bilge. He also did some third unit directing - I can't believe anyone let him behind a camera after "Maximum Overdrive" left a big skid-mark in the '80s.