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  1.  Absolute Must Buy!


    The Rush Hour films are some of the best action comedies ever made, the two characters clash creating hilarious situation comedy, and since it is this cheap, you would be mad not to give them a go!

  2.  More than meets the eye


    When first playing this game, you would be forgiven for judging it by its cover, true the graphics are not brilliant and the guns are a little lacking in that oomph, also do not buy this looking for another GTA IV or "normal freeroamer".

    However, when you get past the first hour or so the game begins to open up with subtle saving graces. Let me just say the destructible nature of the enviroments are by far the greatest portion of the game however, disguising yourself as the enemy, buying different vehicles and bombing runs certainly spice things up.

    This is certainly the sort of game that you could find yourself playing and not thinking too hard about whats going on, if your looking for a lifelike world, you will be dissapointed, if your looking for varied mission types you will be dissapointed, but if you are looking for a bit of fun and over the top destruction then you have come to the right place.

  3.  Fifa 08.5


    UEFA Euro 2008, is basically fifa 08 with some improvements. Many of the flaws of fifa have been fixed for this international based football game. However, you may think that if you have fifa, you're better off saving your money.
    If however, you think differently you will find that the graphics have been improved slightly for this game and the whole gameplay experience is overall, more enjoyable.

    In conclusion, if you have fifa 08, you may want to save your £40 and simply create what is essentially the end part of this tournament int the create a tournament section, but if you really are that bitter about England not getting through, you may want to pick up a copy, it will not dissapoint

  4.  Good piece of kit


    This is a good piece of kit, it will work well with rock band, just to clarify it is the cheapest way of getting a new set of these instruments, your looking at £120 in the shops

  5.  Good, but are you made of money?


    This is a good game, you can play without the instruments but then that would be like going fishing without a rod. Hence, if you are serious about this game, there are some things you must know.

    The soundtrack on this game is long and frankly impressive, however, to truly appreciate how much effort has gone in you will need to access xbox live and get the downloadable content, which roughly doubles the soundtrack. The gameplay is superb while rums remain a little tricky, everything works fine and for friends this can hardly be beat.

    However, the reason for the three stars, the game itself can be bought for £40, while the instrument are the cheapest on play at £100. That means that you roughly pay the same for this one game as you would for two and a half brand new titles. Is that worht it when there are other great games coming out. If for some reason you have stopped playing GTA 4 and have nothing to do and money to burn then why not it is a good game but for the average buyer, this will definitely burn a hole not just in your pocket but through your trousers

  6.  Racing game of the year?


    This game is an interesting one to play, obviously there are a number of you out there who may think that every racing game is the same or a t least very similar.

    However, this game while a contender for racing game of the year is different to others. The game incorporates a fairly involving career mode in which you earn money and make your way up leader boards, everything a racing fan would like but they have incorporated a real time damage engine into the gameplay.

    For example, if you crash in this game, you will not simply bump off the side, you will notice a difference in gameplay, your car may "lean" to the left and veer in that direction, you may be slower. Essentially this leads to further levels of realism and essentially "fun".

    However while this works in practise, the handling on the cars feels like trying to hit a bullseye with a dart thrown by your foot. Make a turn even slightly too sharply (by that i mean turn the steering wheel as opposed to blow on it) and you will skid round more times than you can count.

    Ok, so i'm exaggerating a little, but really, do you want a racing GAME or a realistic racing life. If your like me and the majority of racing fans, you prefer the first and thus should buy PGR 4 if you do not already have it which keeps the arcade feel while venturing into a bit of realism.

    If however, you already have PGR 4, 1000G on it , the downloadable content, and are frankly sick of it, and have £40, then why not, after all, it's not rubbish

  7.  Cheap, Cheap, Cheap


    This is simply the cheapest way of getting the points, it is also the safest as i have heard that microsoft, in the small print keep your bank details when you do it with a credit card and re subscribe you to xbox live gold

    In short, this is the cheapest, quickest and safest way to get the microsoft points.

    PS. You can use them to buy themes and pictures or rent movies or whatever and all you do is insert the code on your card

  8.  Clarification


    It's no more expensive

    It's black and looks nice
    Just to clarify, it is compatible with every xbox360, core, premium, even Halo 3 so yes, it will work with the white xbox360

  9.  Cheapest way


    Xbox live is great, i got it essentially to play Halo 3 with friends but now i'm hooked, most games are good online and downloading is very good
    Essentially, however, your'e gonna want this membership card because its simply the cheapest way to get it, everywhere else it's £40 but here it is £35

    Getting Xbox live, get it here

  10.  simply put, very poor


    I'm sorry but i have to disagree with some of the other reviews, this game is shockingly poor

    I read reviews about it and thought, 'it can't possibly be that bad'

    I was wrong

    The graphics would genuinely be poor for a playstation 1 game, that is ridiculous,

    The gameplay barely makes sense with the most boring, repetitive hack and slash system ever witnessed by a human

    As for the game as a whole, there are too many technical bugs to count, i was walking down a path quite happy and suddenly 3 large "things" popped into the game, i then realised i was being chased by, a bear? I think so anyway.
    The acting is cheesy and the game is rushed and shoddy

    Looking for a good RPG?

    Get Oblivion, Mass Effect, anything but this