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  1.  how resident evil should be


    For me this is hoe resident evil should be. It's atmospheric, dark and unnerving. You never know where the next enemy is lurking and u have to hunt round for keys and clues. The last few res evil games have been too much like every other linier shooter available on the market and seemed to.lose everything that made the title unique. If capcom make a res 7 they need to get back to making games like this one

  2.  A good game but Survival Horror it ain't


    Like many Res Evil fans I waited for this instalment wit great anticipation as we were promised a return to form. Although it is still a good game, I can't help feeling let down. The series has turned into a bog standard shoot em up. Lets go back to Res 1. It was just you. No partner. Investigating an old house. Never knowing what monsters lurked behined what corner. Who didn't jump out of their skin when the dogs jumed through the hall way windows?.
    But the scares are gone. It's just one horde of Zombies after another and simple puzzels. If they were ever to make a Res 7. They need to go back to basics. Drop the partner. Make the game more claustrophobic. Limit the hordes of monsters to a few scenarios. more puzzels. A tense score, Limit the ammo and saves again.
    In short Capcom there are plenty of shoot em up games. So lets get back to survival horror.

  3.  Classics Revisited


    The metal gear solid games are true classics and you won't regret buying this HD collection. Even if like myself it's for nostalgia purposes. The games are just how I remember them. Though obviously a lot sharper and bolder. Three classic games at this price you can not go far wrong!!

  4.  AWESOME!


    This Lightsaber replica is just awesome. I orderd it on sunday afternoon and it arrived first thing tuesday morning.
    The red light is amazing and even better in the dark.
    The sound effects are spot on, straight from the movies.
    Also none of the stickers on it that I read about in other reviews so no complaints at all. At this price if your a Star Wars fan this is somthink you have to buy!