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  1.  Farewell...


    A fitting farwell to the greatest band on earth...
    We're Outta Here was filmed in 1996, 14 years later it is still heartbreaking to see the Ramones say goodbye.
    I have only been a Ramones fan for a few years, granted that im not old enough to have seen any of their live shows, but watching them perform really makes you wish you could've been there.
    The CD is the full 32 track setlist from the show which is played heavier and faster than their studio albums which i really enjoyed listening to.
    The DVD however, only shows a handful of the songs being played. Other content includes interviews with Joey, Johnny, Tommy, Marky, Cj aswell as friends and family and as the band explains why they broke up, aswell as how the Ramones influenced the world.
    It also shows the Ramones performing live in the 70's at random shows aswell as on old tv shows which is a bonus.
    You see footage of them travelling on the road, but i noticed that i had seen some of it before from Ramones - RAW.
    If you're just getting into the Ramones or have been a fan for a long time i would strongly recommend getting this,

  2.  I don't know too much...


    Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace shows a change in direction for The Offspring which is good and bad, depending on how you look at it.
    When i first listened to the album i did think that the songs were very pop-ish, atleast in comparison with their past records.
    That aside, alot of the songs reminded me of Ixnay, Americana and Conspiracy. It is a solid Offspring record and i personally like every song on it.
    I know its been said many times, but if your looking for Smash/Ignition then you wont find that here, i don't think they will record anything like those 2 albums while they are working with Bob Rock.
    As for what W8oody said, it is a digipack and comes in cardboard packaging which does NOT look fake, don't know what he recieved in the post.

  3.  Time Consuming


    Excellent game for people who love fighters and perhaps those that don't. There is alot to do arcade mode aside, there are challenges such as survival, time attack and trials which can take huge portions of time to complete. The multiplayer is very fun and you will find yourself playing for hours, atleast i did. Aswell as ranked/player matches, there is a championship mode which allows to you move through the ranks as you win or lose.
    But the game is heavily based on skill, so as other reviews said, if you have the patience to learn characters etc youll probably enjoy it more.

  4.  Very Good!


    Easy to setup fairy lights, simply plug them into your USB port as suggested. The cable length could have been longer as i had to move my tower close to my TV in order for them to go all the way around the TV, but for a fiver you cant go wrong.
    After a year they are still working, have had no problems with them.

  5.  Hmm...?


    The keyring is pretty cool, has the Rocket to Russia cover on it as you can see from the image.
    The keyring is quite big, and very strong although i found the chain is very weak as mine broke within a few days as my keys get knocked around alot, so id suggest getting this if your a huge Ramones fan otherwise dont bother.

  6.  Insane


    Infinity Ward has created yet another excellent Call of Duty game despite the change from WW2 to modern combat, the game lives up to the previous Call of Duty games and will leave you wanting more.
    Everything about this game is insane, the graphics match that of games like Gears of War or Bioshock but also the gameplay is breath taking inthat you can lose yourself in this game for hours especially on multiplayer.
    The singleplayer campaign is fairly short compared to other shooters but you wont be disappointed as it makes you feel like your in the game, memerable moments will leave you wanting to replay missions weather its clearing out villages or going behind enemy lines it'll keep you occupied for along time.
    Apart from singleplayer, multiplayer is very addictive offering a range of gametypes similar to previous Call of Duty games. The maps are pretty big and well made which means you can play how it suits you, running in or staying back. The large range of maps and the immense gameplay will keep you hooked for hours not wanting to put the game down.
    An important feature they have added which i thought was really clever is the ability to create your own class. Picking up different abilitys as you gain ranks, which is especially fun to customize your own class and create one suited for you.
    I think that all this Battlefield or Call of Duty is nonsense as Call of Duty is clearly the better of the two, having played both games.
    Call of Duty 4 is definately worth getting, even at 39.99 its a must buy.

  7.  Beautiful


    I actually went to the cinema and saw this before i read the book and didn't know quite what to expect from such a movie. But from start to finish, i was shocked at how excellent the film actually was.
    The cast are brilliant, the acting was spot on and i loved how they portrayed the characters. The scenery is beautiful and well put together in my opinion as the characters roam the lands quite often you get to see alot of landscape. The battle scenes are breath taking, from start to finish i was amazed at how much effort had been put into making them so precise and detailed. I especially think the Balrog scene was one of the highlights of the film as i'vee never seen anything like it.
    People say that The Lord of the Rings movies are too long but i think that it is an important factor as its length helps you see the characters develop and you feel for them.
    Whatever your looking for in a movie, action, adventure, fantasy etc i think that this movie aswell as the other two are definitely worth watching as its a beautiful film and a joy to watch.

  8.  Hilarious


    I went to see this at the cinema but didn't know quite what to expect, being a fan of Simon Pegg but being put off by the running element of the film.
    It has got to be one of the funniest movies i have ever seen, I enjoyed watching Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran in Shaun of the Dead and in this film they didn't fail to entertain and was literally laughing all the way through.
    A great addition to the film is Simons coach Harish Patel who with his spatchular is a barrel of laughs.
    Do not listen to other reviews saying it is not as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz as this movie is funny in its own way, if your a fan of Simon Pegg or you just want a great comedy, youll love this movie.

  9.  Disappointing


    I had been waiting to see this movie for a long time, being a fan of fantasy films i couldn't wait to see it.
    I enjoyed watching this movie, the landscapes and battle scenes really did this film justice but i think what let it down was the fact that i felt some of the scenes made no sense and they were added just to make the film longer.
    It maybe because i havn't read the books but the story itself didn't quite make sense to me in the sense that these four children had to fight a war as part of a prophecy.
    I felt that the characters wernt developed enough inthat we don't really learn much about the lion or the witch.
    To sum it all up, i think that it would probably be best to have a read through the book first to pickup on the key points of the story and to learn more about the characters before throwing yourself at the movie.

  10.  Excellent


    I think that the Warchest is great for old fans and new fans of Megadeth as it offers a huge selection of tracks ranging from Killing Is My Business to The System Has Failed.
    For new fans it offers all of their well known and classic songs from each album.
    For old fans it offers demos, remixes, unreleased tracks and interviews.
    The live DVD is a great addition to the Warchest as their performance at the Hammersmith Odeon is excellent and worth watching.
    In my opinion Dave Mustaine has done a great job in putting together such a great collection of songs into the Warchest and should belong in any fans collection.