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  1.  Great game


    I bought this having never played the previous versions.
    I thinnk its great. The controls can be tricky, but I've got used to them. The missions start easy, but become more challenging, which is good.
    I've only had a few online games. Good fun, if slightly repetative. A good range of options to.
    Worth the money in my opinion.

  2.  Brilliant


    Really fun game. Not difficult, as you always come back, but still hugely enjoyable. Even if your an adult, you can still enjoy this. The co-op mode works well. A good buy.

  3.  Fantastic!


    Great controls, good graphics. The levels are well made and fun. A great game. Far better than COD3, mainl due to lack of bugs but also slightly better controls and better graphics.

  4.  Great fun


    Nice graphics. Simple controls and easy to get to grips with. The only criticism is that is not hugely challanging, but I'm an older gamer. Still enjoying it. Better than mario sunshine.

  5.  brilliant


    A good game. Nice graphics. Controls appear tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it (only takes a minute or so!) very easy. Good range of missions. GTA for the wii! A great buy!

  6.  AWSOME


    Wow. Best new console in years. The xbox may have slightly better graphics, but when the gameplay is this good, who cares? And comes with wii sports, a great game in its own right. Great control, backwards compatible, AND cheaper than an xbox (let alone a PS3)! Buy one, an extra controller and a stack of AA batteries! Great titles available (zelda, MK). Great!

  7.  value, but could be better


    Basically your're paying £5 for a game. Bargin! Having said that, I found the games a bit dull. However in the right atmostphere, with a few mates it could be a laugh. Worth buying, if only for the remote. 4 stars due to value, if it was like wii sports it would get the full 5.

  8.  Great!


    Good graphics, a huge number of characters, and multiple modes! The motorkombat is more of a silly side game than a real extra game, but is good fun. Special moves are easy to achieve, which will annoy the button bashers out there, but is far more fun! The quest and kreate a fighter options are nice additions to the game. My only criticism is that finishers are difficult to perform, and there is no guide on how to do them. However this has not detracted from my enjoyment of the game. Recommended!

  9.  Fantastic


    I loved the graphics, so much better than the cell-shaded fiasco! The controls are easy, although admittedly, its the same as bashing away with the a button, but more fun! The first few dungeons are fairly straight forward, but it gets tricky later on. Takes a while to get into to reach the first temple, but well worth it! Great fun. I'm at the cursing at the screen stage of stuck, and loving every minute of it!

  10.  good, but unfortunately flawed


    Reasonable graphics (not quite like an xbox 360). Good gameplay, and very fun. BUT - there is a problem. At many points the game froze and/of I lost control, i.e. kept turning/running forwards when I didn't want too! Happened at random points, and also if you move through levels too much faster than your squad. Good fun when it works, but the glitches let it down. Also lack of multiplayer is a shame, but not ,much of an issue. Grenades are tricky to use, and driving takes a while to get used to, but otherwise I liked the controls. Without the glitches, I'd give it 5 stars without hesitation!