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  1. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    8 New from  £2.83  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00

     Fifa 10 would get 5* if EA had longer online time.


    Great game! Sadly let down by the fact that i can't go online anymore (June 2012)
    It would not bother me if i could at least still use my gameface:( or be confident that i could buy fifa 11 on here and be able to play online, but ea seem secretive about how long you can go online.

  2.  Answer to gylbert


    Sorry i could not resist answering this question.
    It does not have a wee hole because if you were to wee on it that would not be good. Maybe gylbert you should buy a waterproof one.

  3.  Much better than nothing at all.


    I have had mine for roughly 4 years now and it has served me well. The crystasl are no longer in a solid state, although i still use it as opposed to nothing, in doing so my laptop never gets too hot, but the fan kicks in after a hour or so. I am now gonna invest in a Coolermaster aluminium twin fan which is on here for 4 squids more.
    My poundland one is ok on the table, but not for lap so i'll be chucking that or using it as a speaker stand.

  4.  Condemned 2 (Loved it)


    I really enjoyed this game. Very scary at night with headphones. It is well worth 5 quid & more. I also found the multi player great, Different to most, scary and comical. You can use a toilet seat as a weapon.

  5.  Prison Break is good


    I enjoyed this game as I like a game with a story. The story and fighting was ok, but what i liked most was the stealth missions, & the fact that the game saves frequently so it does not become frustrating if like me playing time is limited. The sequences where you have to react by push the button that appears on screen are good, similar to Bourne conspiracy.

  6.  True crime


    very good game. I have PS3, & would still play this again given the time.

  7.  Bionic Commando


    I totally agree with kane13's review. Good game if shooting is not of great importance, although i forgot about it after not too long.
    I didn't get to play the early version, so to me this was a nice change.

  8.  Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty


    Better than reviews. On a par with Medal of Honour on PS2, but with better graphics. It is good ya.

  9.  Kane & Lynch: Dead Men


    Kane and lynch is fantastic. I paid 15 pounds for it second hand when I bought my PS3 a while back. I loved it. I still have it, and am looking forward to playing it cooperatively. I am still impressed with the graphics.

  10.  Timeshift


    This game is mucking afazing. It is probably one of the few games i will keep and replay many times. sometimes it is so enthralling i will reverse time just to do the same thing again, then reverse time again to do it differently. Sometimes it is very funny, which is too rare in the gaming world.