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  1.  Average


    Allot different from the first movie. This turn out is much 'darker' and defiantly lower budget (Eastern European locations always a give away to how much was in the budget), felt like it had a bit of a later Highlander feel to it (When they started to get lower and lower budget). Has glimmers of some nice action sequences in short bursts (Not helped by the fact the Ghost Rider seems to get 'knocked back' frequently, where as in the first film he was relentless) but the story line was a bit weak and the character of the kid just annoyed me throughout. Personally I prefer the first movies production value, story and acting. Different plot from the first, even some elements of the plot line have been changed to fit the frame of this squeal (That been said it hardly feels like a sequel)

    I feel this outing is a one watch at best and not all that exciting, might be something to watch if your board out your skull and have obviously never seen it before.

    I have to admit i'm not a hardcore fan of Ghost Rider comics, so some serious fans may prefer this presentation over the first, I dont know. One thing I can say for certain is it didnt leave me feeling like I wanted to see more.

  2.  Enjoyable


    Enjoyable tongue and cheek romp plenty of eye catching visuals, action and amusement. Felt all the parts were played well especially the bad guy performances. Also James Cordons appearance playing Roy Kinnears part of Planchet I found delightful. There will be one or two who will no doubt slate this film for maybe been to action packed, silly, over the top in your face. However, The three musketeers (1973, 74, 88) was always at heart a tongue and cheek romp so in essence it stays true to class of 73 74 (which is obviously the standard to meet, forget the subsequent 1993, 1997 portrayals). Also I cant understand people getting hung up on accents here, Michael York played the entire part of D Artagnan with a very thespian English accent (not very French at all now was it), yet it was a great movie all the same. Overall I'd say give it a chance.

  3.  Disappointing


    First thing I need to say is at the point of writing this have not yet competed the game. However after many hours game play I cant say I am as enthralled as I was with Origins.

    The story characters and general game play just isnt grabbing my attention as much as Origins did. Firstly the story feels totally unrelated to the first which somewhat begs the question what was the point in developing a character from Origins? As well it seems to skip through time far removed from the events of the first game even though it seemed from the hype we were going to be treated to encountering run ins etc with the Origins timeline. Secondly the characters dont have the rich appeal as the characters in origins seem to have. I felt I wanted to know more and get to know more about the characters in Origins, where as in this instalment I feel like I really couldnt care less what happens to any of them. Finally the general game play just is not as user friendly as the first and doesnt fit the format. Also it all seems to be somewhat disjointed.

    Other niggles such as text been very small and almost impossible to read in some of the menus adds extra annoyance. All adding up to a rather disappointing gaming experience compared to Origins.

    In addition the signature edition is rather a let down content wise for those is us who do not have their PS3s online as the majority of the content requires redeemable downloads. Quite frankly what you get with the Signature Edition is minimum anyway.

    Overall Id advise others not to rush out and buy this title at top price mark. Wait for it to drop and opt for the standard edition. If you hated Origins then you may actually like this. On the other hand if you really enjoyed Origins prepare to be disappointed.

  4.  Room for improvement but decent for the price


    This game has all the basics to keep you entertained. The game is pretty easy to navigate and transfers have been made simple but with an air of realism. Yes admittedly this is not the best football management game out on the market. Personally I'm not a PC gamer so this is the next best thing available on consol at the moment. If you're seriously into football management games and don't mind playing games on the PC then by all means don't buy this game save your pennies and get yourself one of the most recent PC titles. However, if you are not into PC gaming and or just feel like dabbling on a football management sim then Premier Manager 09 can provide that.

    The game relies a little too heavily on formation play in its results generator for my likening. Id like to see a more sophisticated results generator which gives the player more options with respect to tactics, plays etc the way something like Championship manager operates. Other than that there isn't much I can fault with the way it operates for the price that it is.

    You can read my walkthrough guide for this game on IGN.

  5.  Pleasently Surprised


    Being a huge fan of the game series i was skeptical about how well suited Olyphant would be to the 47 role but he carried it off well and overall apart from some diviation from the original game storyline which was unecissary i was pleasently surprised by how much i enjoyed the film

  6.  Mediocre at best


    I hate micheal Bay and Steven Speilberg for all eternity for making this film, the story line is all wrong, many of the transformers who should be present aren't, character names are wrong such as calling the transforming tank devastator when the decepticon transforming tank/plane was called blitzwing, Megatron should transform into a laser gun not a jet, the action is constant and the film looks good but the vast wholes in the plot ruin the movie experience.