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  1.  Make Way For The Best Wrestling Game Of The Year.


    Having downloaded the demo, i think that i can safely say that wwe smackdown vs. Raw 2009, is without question going to be the best wrestling game of 2008, which is not saying much as the only other one released this year was the very poor tna impact.

    If you are a fan of wrestling games, then you must get this game, as the updated tag team match is the bomb. I'm also can't wait to se how create a finisher and highlight reel modes turn out.

    Bottom line: This game will kick ass.

  2.  An Alright Game


    Once you get over the disappoint, that this is just really a card game, and not an action game, it's quite all right really. Though I would love for them to bring out a Doctor Who action game, I mean if each and every Harry Potter Movie can get an action game, why can't Doctor Who?

  3.  Best. Mortal. Kombat. Game. EVERRRRRRRRRRR


    This game tottaly rocks. If you love Mortal Kombat, or just fighting games in genael, then you have to, have to, HAVE TO get this game, it is without question the best Mortal Kombat so ever. I rembemer my friends first reaction to it when he first got it. He was just staring at the screen in total shock. And that was just after the intro to the game.

    The Kreate A Fighter Mode is pretty cool, Konquest mode has gotten much better since Deception, all round, I'd say that this was the pefrect Motal Kombat Game.

  4.  Another Great Tom Baker Story


    The Invasion of Time, maynot be the greatest Doctor Who story of all time, but though it all Tom Baker, shows why he was THE Doctor, as he makes the best of what he is given to work. The only really down side to this story is way in which Leela leaves.

    Anyway I would say this is worth checking out.

  5.  Good but not great...


    This is a pretty good DVD, it's not as well put togther as the WWE's Diva DVD's, but it's sitll good none the less.

  6.  BEST...SHOW...EVER!!!!


    Doctor Who is without question, one of the best shows ever in history, and this series proves just why that is in nearly every single epiosde. From start to finish this series of Doctor Who never fails to deliver on the goods. Human Nature & The Family Of Blood togther, make maybe one of the best storys in the shows long history, Blink is classic Doctor Who at it's best. And of course it is all toped off, by the long awaited return of The Master. If you are a fan of Doctor Who, then you must get this boxset.