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  1.  I Agree!


    On the outside, it looks very nice and suits the controller very well. The problem is... it doesnt work that great. The trouble i had was that i could hear people out of it (poorly i might add) and then when i went to reply, nobody could hear a word i was saying and so i had to resort back to the headset. I suggest either use the headset or buy the expensive wireless headset - it may be pricey but at least it will do the job unlike this product!

  2.  One of the worst racing games ever


    Okay sure... the graphics are good with good definition on the cars, yet the tracks are simplistic and boring so nothing to brag about there... I recently played the demo and the handling of the cars was dreadful, the only way to have a succesful drive was enabling the arrow system that shows you when to brake and accelerate. The races are very slow ironically, there is no real injection of pace to the game and all in all its very dull and repeatative... i have never played a racing game with such poor gameplay and so im giving it a pitiful 2 stars!

  3.  Good for the background of 'stan' and his 'system'


    A very good outlook on how the 'system' was created, quite a small book that focuses on the formation of the system and not the contents of the system (though at times it touches). It has a good diagram of the method as a whole, but if you think this book will teach you about the system. it wont. This book is very good on giving the background of the system and Stanislavski. If you are looking for books that you can learn about the system as a whole - 'An actor prepares' and 'Building a Character' are by far the best books to purchase, as they come straight from the horses mouth. 4 Stars for the book giving me a background knowlage of 'Stan' and his 'system'.