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  1.  This doesn't deserve a lower rating than four from ANYONE.


    Motters' review should not be taken into consideration when buying this game, as it is very misleading. This is NOT a single player game, it should be bought purely for the online experience. If you don't have the internet, don't buy the game. There are three million existing levels from the first game, all the existing creation tools and more, plus the ability to create a variety of your own games; not just levels, GAMES. It has been out for a week and all ready there are some incredibly fun levels to play - with time this game will just get better and better. It is one of the most fun same-console multiplayer experiences you can have! The content available is practically LIMITLESS, so to give the game three stars and state that it's "too short" is absurd and frankly insulting to the immensely creative options available in this game.

    My only complaint are the floaty controls, which are sometimes imprecise, but this is a minor trade off for the huge vat of quality content available, especially since the gameplay options can be tweaked to suit the games they are made for. The tutorials also take a while to get through if you want to create something good, however those dedicated should be able to make some brilliant levels. This five-star rating is coming from someone who doesn't like making levels - if you're creative, this game is even more perfect!

  2.  Very fun with friends, and even quite good without


    This game is awesome in multiplayer - my personal favourite is Terrorist Hunt, which sees some strategic moves being made by your group in order to eliminate 30-40 terrorists from an area. On realistic difficulty, a few shots will kill you, so caution is the name of the game. This is what makes the game so fun - the constant fear of death, but you gain a great deal of satisfaction from completing each level. It's also great for 2v2s; personally, I've played with rotating teams and had a blast with every person, good or bad (skill-wise).

    The story mode is also fun but rather short and unoriginal, but it can be played with a friend online or off, which makes it awesome for the same reason that T-hunt is - you need to communicate with your team mate. Telling your friend your position, the position of the terrorists, sightings, possible entries into buildings and other information is crucial and can be hard to do well, but with dedication comes a game where you feel like you're part of a skilled team.

    The EXP system is another high point of the game. Every single kill, whether online or off, counts towards your overall rank. It's very well implemented as it feels like you're making progress in the game no matter what mode you play.

    It's not a game for the faint of heart - I know people who have returned this because they immediately made the assumption that every shooter is Halo or Gears-like to play, only to get their ass kicked when they ran into their first terrorist. It can be a waiting game or it can have battles of terrorists killing everything with explosions going off everywhere, but at all times it remains a tactical shooter.

    One of the most complex console games available on the current generation of systems, and one of the best games to have a team playing. At a tenner, it's a bargain.

  3.  My sister says it's fine.


    I'm not a casual gamer so I don't play these kinds of games, but my sister already plays this game for two-three hours a day (or more) and is a person who NEVER plays video games. If you're a gamer I suggest you avoid it as it's very monotonous and repetitive compared to the likes of a core game, but for the casual audience it's fantastic and fixes many flaws of the first game - namely by making it feel more like one world and fixing the loading times. It runs on my out-dated machine downstairs with a 7600GT on medium settings - I can't see the difference between it and the Sims 2 graphically, but the presentation that worked well five years ago works fine now.

    I'll also note that she has EVERY Sims 2 expansion and every time I see her on the computer she is playing this instead. Any game that can take her away from the Sims 2 has to be good, so I'll assume it's worthy of a five-star rating - this is vanilla Sims 3 too; it should get even better with the inevitable expansions!

  4.  Amazing.


    This has to be one of my favourite games for the current generation. The sheer amount of activities to do combined with the size of the world and variation of the landscape makes for one hell of a fun game. It's a shame that the achievements aren't a little more imaginative on the 360 version, but if you're looking for bang-for-your-buck this is the game to get; I've personally put in 150 hours into the PC version, and have played around 80 hours on this version. I rarely replay games, but this was a joy to play again. If this isn't in your collection then at this price brand-new you need it! Don't hesitate!

  5.  Foolish reviews - read the description.


    Read the manual before you buy this product! This memory card will work with SDHC-COMPATIBLE devices ONLY. Don't rate something one-star for your mistake! This works perfectly fine in my SDHC-compatible mp3 player, and will work fine assuming you have a compatible device.

  6.  A fantastic game that can be hard to get running, here's how


    Just so people don't get confused, here's how to get it up and running:

    Install the game fully.
    Download patch 1.41 (around 500mb) and install.
    Download pbsetup
    Browse for Click "Add game", browse for Battlefield 2, click update
    You should be ready to go.

    Patch 1.5 also comes out soon, with gameplay balances and a new map. This package is the best value for money I've seen - I was happy paying a tenner for Special forces alone!

    I've personally put 1000 hours into this game with my clan - the ranking system is unmatched and the gameplay just insanely fun. The community is still active with hundreds of players - so grab a copy and play it!

  7.  A lot of fun


    The classic 2D gameplay of the original games returns with some nice graphics and additional updates. The worlds are distinctive and vary a lot, the levels are imaginative and occasionally challenging and the game is so damn fun to play. One gripe I have is the lack of point in collecting coins - as far as I can see, you collected them simply to earn a use-once upgrade such as the mega-mega mushroom, and then they're gone. There could have been more of a reward system like with Kirby Canvas Curse, which has a similar three-medal per level idea. Apart from that, expect the same kind of gameplay as any 2D mario but with updated graphics; and I don't think there has ever been even an average Mario game - this keeps the bar set as high as ever.

  8.  Pure fun.


    I'm around two hours into the game - this game is what Nintendo's idea of Innovation should be. You control the entire game through touch and it works so well - you draw on the screen to control Kirby, who continually rolls forwards. The premise is just so fun and original - if only there were more games that utilised the touch-screen like this one does. This should be a top seller, not something play doesn't stock any more. Please, if you own a DS, buy it!

  9.  It's nothing like the original, but it's FUN.


    As a platforming purist, I have to give this game 4 stars - if it were under any other name it would be 5, but this game SHOULD have been a platformer. As it stands, it's a lot of fun and definitely worth it. My advice is to come at the game expecting a mini-game collection, as that's what this essentially is. Treat it as a spin off game and you'll have a lot of fun - if you want to believe Rare truly meant this to be the third in the series, you'll be sorely disappointed.

  10.  Average at best.


    It suffers from Assassin's Creed syndrome - the world is amazing, the graphics are beautiful, but the gameplay is shoddy and repetitive. It was entertaining for a while, then it grew tiresome. I completed it just to get the gamerscore up (the achievements are surprisingly fun in this game) but assuming you weren't playing to any objectives through achievements, the game would be quite boring. And since most people won't do what I did, they'll lose interest quicker than I did. This game had so much potential, but it just didn't pay off in the end.