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  1.  NFS Hot Pursuit, Best Racer Around


    After being such a fan of Burnout, when I saw Criterion were doing Need for Speed I had high hopes. Nothing could prepare me for the best racing game I have every played, and i've been gaming for 25 years!

    The graphics are amazing, handling is spot on, choice of cars is huge and online is quality! i've spent almost every night for the past month up till 3am trying to get to level 20 racer, so addictive I love it!

    Honestly thought nothing could touch Burnout, how wrong I was, Need for Speed, the king of racers!!

  2.  A Contender For The Worst Film I've Ever Seen


    Very poor! i'm a massive Ray Winston fan and loved Sexy Beasy but this was a waste of an hour and a half of my life and the trailer is NOTHING like the actual movie!


  3.  Stunning! The best blu-ray title I own.


    What a movie! I never saw Avatar at the cinema but was waiting for this on blu-ray with baited breath and was blown away!!
    The story is fantastic, the effects are out of this world and this is the shapest image quality I have ever seen on any blu-ray transfer (and I own over 20 titles). I was in awe!
    To all those who complain there are no special features, with picture quality this good, who cares about something as trivial as that?

    Buy right now!!

  4.  One of the best!


    I bought this at £40 and it was worth every penny then!

    buy it!!!!!!!

  5.  The Best Phone I Have Ever Had!


    I have owned a mobile phone for 12 years, am currently a manager for a mobile phone shop. had countless models and can honestly say this is the most amazing handset I have ever had! so slick and stylish, the touchscreen is incedible! I am in love with this phone, so much better than the i-phone. get one now!

  6.  Exellent! A+


    I am a huge alien and predator fan and love the original Aliens from 1986.

    This film echo's James Camerons masterpiece brilliantly, while the suspense isn't quite as gripping the alien effect are great!

    Worth watching 100%

  7.  The Force Is Strong With This One!!!


    What can I say, any star wars fan will fall in love with this. For years i have been a massive star wars fan and wanted a lightsaber so badly, now i have one! feels so real and the sound is amazing, just like the real thing! if your a star wars fan i urge you buy this now. got a funny look from my girlfriend when i was practising my jedi moves in the front room but worth it. "obi-wan is here and the force is with him, I must face him alone!" hehe!

    BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!

  8.  Top Phone!


    Highly recommended, a fantastic phone. looks beautful, nice and slim, clear screen. you won't regret buying this handset. expensive looking handsey on a budget.

  9.  Rubbish!


    horrible phone, nightmare to text on, avoid like the plague!



    This is defiantly one of the best psp games to date! if you like metal gear solid games then this is for you. classic tatical espionage action!