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  1.  Very impressed!


    I received my e-reader a few days ago and so far I am very impressed. The buttons on the device are well placed, although it may take a little while before you feel as comfortable pressing buttons as you do turning the pages of a book. Size wise the unit is fairly comfortable, it's certainly book sized and it's not uncomfortable to hold for long periods. The unit is also thinner than an average paperback. The PRS-505 is fairly weighty, it certainly doesn't feel cheap, but it is not too heavy to carry around, not significantly heavier than a paperback. The unit displays text well and the e-ink is very impressive stuff. I find the reader quick and responsive to load up books, turn pages etc. and has various text display sizes which I found useful since I wanted bigger text for reading in darker settings.
    Overall the e-reader is an aesthetically pleasing piece of kit which does what it should well. I have no real complaints and the cover is a nice touch. Good price at £149.99.

  2.  Fun with friends


    Fab game to play with your mates, alone it's pretty boring.
    Nice list of songs included, something for most people on there, you will definitely want to download some new songs though as they grow old after a while.
    Good quality mics, had no problems with them.
    Recommended product.

  3.  top notch console


    having recieved this console from play very recently the first thing i found was that it DOES have the additional heat sink and a HDMI port. its a really great console and has performed perfectly, with the best games library currently available this is a great buy, especially at such a low price. i already own a wii so for me it was this or the ps3 as a hardcore gaming unit and im very pleased i picked this console. i gave it four stars as you have to pay for live which is a bit of a pain in the neck but at less than ten pence per day it is more reliable than the ps3's alternative network. ive always been a sony guy and owned the ps1, ps2, psp etc. but i wasnt willing to pay the high price for a ps3 with a lacking library of overpriced games, a shortage of exclusives and what is for me at the moment a useless blue ray drive. i will miss metal gear solid but... its just not worth £425 to me! for those of you with alot of spare cash, a large blu ray collection, and a huge 1080p TV perhaps the ps3 is the way to go, for the rest of us i would suggest the 360!

  4.  Lower your standards and enjoy the Movie


    Mr. Beans holiday is full of classic bean moments as rowan atkinson struggles his way across the channel towards his ideal holiday in southern france, of course things dont go quite right and bean soon finds himself in a variety of hilarity inducing circumstances. taken with a pinch of salt mr. beans holday will keep you entertained for the duration, although those of you looking for a more sophisticated comedy may come to the conclusion that this was not the film for you.

  5.  Game of its time


    Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an in depth action adventure set in the expansive sprawling landscape of 1980's vice city USA. you take on the role of mafia member Tommy Vercetti as you explore the huge landscape in a variety of 80's modelled vehichles ranging from the corvette like banshee to military planes and helicopters. graphically vice city was very impressive at the time of its release and is certainly able to stand among the games of today but one of the key features of this game is its driving story and multitude of missions which ensure you are kept entertained all the way through.

  6.  Nice game, Nasty Price tag


    World of warcraft is a highly addictive graphically satisfying MMORPG(online role playing game), suitable for a wide audience, it will keep you entertained for hours as you level up, quest, play online with your friends and develop your character. unfortunately they not only charge a £8.99 a month subscription fee but you are expected (although not required) to buy the expansion packs for the game. this is a heavy price tag and if your not willing to splash the cash i would look to a cheaper alternative such as guild wars- a very similar game with a one off payment and bi anually released expansion packs.