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Product Reviews

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  1.  Fantastic


    This is a fantastic game but despite all of the praise its been getting, like most Bethesda games it is a bit buggy.

    Fantastic Graphics
    Plenty to do
    Gameplay is fantastic
    Designs of the locations are very well done
    So many extra quests etc to do after the initial story line

    Is a bit buggy (since it is so huge)
    No online which was a hugely anticipated feature to this game

    I would defiantly recommend this

  2.  Brilliant


    This is a very good game. The graphics are very good and so is the gameplay also the world and map in it is huge!!!!! I dont know why people are saying it has loads of glitches but it doesnt have that many for a giant adventure game.
    I recomend :)

  3.  very good


    This is a very good headset. It doesnt take too long to charge and it last for along time. The only downsides are that it is a little bit uncomfortable and it is quite easy to break because it is so small.
    I recomend though!!

  4.  Awesome


    I havent been able to stop playing this game ever since i bought it!!! The online is very good, and so is the story but it is very hard to not die during the story. Also the gore in it has gone up it is very violent!!
    I recomend

  5.  Very very good


    This is a very good game. The graphics have been upgraded hugely from the last one, the gameplay is very good and also it is much much much more realistic. The only bad thing is that you can only hold 2 weapons now instead on the last one you could hold all of them in your inventory at the same time.
    Overall this is a definite buyer!!

  6.  Brilliant


    This is a very good game it is very fun and amazingly because they took such a big leap since the old one came out everything actually works. The only bad thing about it is that i thought the graphics would have been better they are still ok but not great!!!!

  7.  Very Good


    This is a very good game dont get me wrong but the reason why it couldnt get 5 stars because:
    1)It takes along time to get around everywhere
    2)You always get attacked
    3)The storyline is all that great
    4)It can get annoying and hard sometimes

    The good features are:
    1)The graphics are very very good
    2)The gameplay is very good
    3)Great fun
    4)It has trophies but they some are very hard to get

    I recomend this and it is such a good game for such a good price!!

  8.  What a great bundle


    This is a great bundle, not only do you get a great console but you get 3 great games which all have trophies. I would buy only the console for £300.
    I highly recomend

  9.  Indestructable


    This phone is very basic and also very strong. I dont know why on the description it says shock resistant because you can more or less do anything to it without it breaking. When i got my new phone i didnt know what to do with this one so i wanted to see if it could break so i did things like throw it off the top of my house and hit it with a hammer and it still works today.
    I recomend for a work phone!!!

  10.  Great for PS3


    I got this for my ps3 because standard hdd are just too small. It took me about 3 mins to swap thm round and about 45mins to format it. And for all you people that are complaining about some of the space missing its because the os system needs 7% of the space to get going. Even on the standard hdd that you get with the PS3 if you have a 40gb you only actually get 37gb.
    I recomend!!!