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  1.  DANZA KUDURO!!!!!!!


    If your a true fan of the Fast & Furious films no doubt you will already have all OSTs from the older films & this is no different. This is by far the BEST OST of all the films IMO. Don Omar - Lucenzo Danza Kuduro is the best track EVER! (the song at the end of the film when the open the vault) me & my mate have been listening to this track non-stop since the film came out. just the best track ever! 100% pick up this OST if you loved Fast Five. Once you started listening it will make you wanna get a team of guys & steal a vault :P

    DANZA KUDURO!!!!!!!

  2.  Iron Man is back!


    Being a Marvel fan & comic book fan,was looking very forward to this & it didnt let me down. Was a really bloody awesome film as great as first one! It was great seeing War Machine & the hints they drop for the Avengers! like the other reviwer said stay behind the after credits you dont wanna miss it :D!

    Bring on Captain America & Thor!

  3.  Say it!...SAY IT!.....MAAAATTTEE!


    Bloodsport is MY fav film of all time hands down. I saw this film when i was small. Ever since that day this film has never got old. Everything about this film is just masterful. Its regarded as one of the GREATEST martial art films ever made by fans all over the world & i agree 100% The film has a great story,great lines,funny moements, fighting is just classic & who can forget the music?? come this is the 80's ;) the music was one of the major points of this film. I still remeber when Van Damme kicks Bolo in the face in the final fight the music becomes so epic,makes the hair on my neck stand up even till this day...just great. If you love martial art films or your fan of JCVD this is by far his best film ever.. buy this film now you will wont regert it.

    This is also based on a true story :)
    I really really hope this comes out on Blu-ray like Kickboxer has.. Every Bloodsport fan is waiting till that day when this films out on blu-ray. i know i am


  4.  Boards dont hit back!! - Bruce Lee


    This is the 2nd best blu-ray i own 1st being Dark Knight ;) being a huge Bruce Lee fan i was very pleased at this blu-ray the picture is just so sharp & clear.. if your a Bruce Lee fan you will not be let down by this blu-ray film. Bruce Lee is truely the legend. I hope they bring out his other films on Blu-ray I wait till the end they bring out Game of Death uncut fight scenes from the Warriors journey on blu-ray!

    Dont think....BUY!

  5.  Ong Bak 2: The Beginning Part 1?!


    I imported this film 2-3 months before it was out in UK cinemas. Tony Jaa had alot of problems on this film as the other reviewer mentions at one point i think they didnt even have enough funding for the film or they went over budget i think.. I actually really enjoyed this film im a huge fan of Tony Jaa & the other chinese fighters Bruce Lee,Jackie Chan,Donnie Yen,Jet Li,Sammo Hung,Yuen Baio. I only mostly watch martial art films. You might have to watch this film a second time to get the story. Its really confusing at times & random characters pop on screen then they just vanish :S I follow Tony Jaa & his other films on TonyJaa.org on the forums people say that Ong-Bak 3 will explain the loop holes & stuff that didnt make sense in Ong-Bak 2 even the ending of Ong-Bak 2 was a strange one... The story is not what these films are all about the fighting is soo well choreographed i enjoyed rewinding & watching how the pulled some of these moves off truly epic. the final fight in the village was just off the hook... all those weapons guy getting owned 1 by 1. So to sum it all up if you really liked Ong-Bak 1 you will like this film cause of the fights,if you want to understand the story wait till Ong-Bak 3 that is why i added PART 1 in the title box ;)

    Story-0/5 - (Cant rate the story until Ong-Bak 3 is out)
    Fights-10/10! - Epic,bone crunching,what Tong Jaa does best.
    Music-5/5 - I liked it it has some really nice music.
    Over all film rating-9/10

    WHERE'S MY ELEPHANT?!! - For those who remeber Warrior King & Body Guard 2 XD

  6.  One of the best GBA games ever!


    I totally agree with the guy/girl below me. This game is truly wonderfull. I played this when it first came out on GBA finished it & really,really enjoyed it. I've just purchased it agian since i lost my old copy. Cant wait to play agian!





    One of the Jet Li's best films ever made. Truely one the ALL-TIME FAV marital Art films of all time. BUY THIS NOW. Based on the real Wushu fighter Hou Yuan Jia. This film is truly epic.

  8.  Played it at the London Excel - Anime Expo. (PS3 Version)


    From what i've played,i thought it was a realy good game. Graphics are really clear & sharp. The combat system is good. but i found myself pressing SQAURE too much..Maybe it was the demo not allowing all the combo to be done,gotta wait for the ful gam but sides that really good BATMAN IS BACK :D
    Like how they re-made the Batmans films - Batman Begins & Dark Knight. Batman Arkham Asylum maybe what the fans have been waiting for a revamped version of the Batman game that is really good.

  9.  MARIO KART DS!!!


    This is by far the best ds game i've played. Being a long term fan of the series i was not let down. Anyone with a ds must get this game.its truely one awesome & epic game! Drifting rules!

  10.  "I am the architect of my own destruction" - Prince from WW


    Being a VERY long fan of the PoP games since the very first ones i been looking forward to see what would be next in store for us (True hearted PoP fans) after the magnificent Sands of Time Trilogy. The new prince of Persia is a whole new story,world & Prince. After seeing a few screen shots and trailers from E3i was just caputured by how beautiful the grahpics were of the healed lands. Alot of people were hateing the new look the new Prince ,people where scared about new direction PoP was going people wanted SoT Prince back with a new story but no...Ubisoft wanted a new Prince new story new gameplay,which was a very good move it would of been boreing seeing the old Prince on the next-gen consoles with same old moves few ne magic powers and a new story and better graphics...that would of been boreing and would of killed the game. So once the game out,i began playing let me just say there is sooo much to explore in this game its great fun looking for the hard to reach light seeds. I really like the Prince his funny,cocky and a great laugh the relationship between him and the NEW Female character Elika (aka Dagger of Time as i like to call her) Basicly she saves you everytime you fall to your death...YOU CANT DIE!!! lol but its nots all bad the point of this was so that the game would flow through out no more crappy loading screens saying you died. It works really well i think for those who loved the rewinding time back in SoT will love the new angle no buttons need to be pressed she saves you automaticly. So yea the relationship between Prince and Elika is great through out thee whole game you can stop anytime and learn more about her by pressing L2 (PS3). The combat system is very cleverly created, for those who enjoy mindless button bashing will enjoy this to a extend but you will need to block time-to-time but fore those who are after more will have the wonder COMBOS. I pulled of quite alot of them in the game and let me tell you the satisfaction you get from pulling off a 10-14 hit-combo in one fight is epic! if your chain the correct moves togeather you can go in for one attack but hit up to 14 times and come out without a scratch while your enemy is left with a huge damaged delt! i was able to finish enemies in two turns with the help of the combos. There are no life upgrades,sword upgrades or any other weapon upgrades.....saying that the only new weapon you do have is the new GLOVE the Prince has which you can do long wall slides/runs AND gripfalls (slideing down walls) the glove is a very very good edition to the fighting and the platforming. My overall thoughts of Prince of Persia:
    I really love the new PoP game Ubisoft have done a really awesome job of the game and have left plenty to improve on in the second PoP game. So if this Holiday your looking to sit in your cosy chair/bed and play a great game look no futher Prince of Persia delivers the story,magic,the wonderfull worlds and level designs,combat system. Grab Play.coms awesome offer £17.99!

    Prince of Persia is back!