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  1.  A must for any true Starwars fan!!!


    I got this gme today and its so awesome the battles are fun graphics are top notch. its just fun blowing stromstroopers of the bridges with your force powers!! The boss fights with the Jedi's are so epic how they clash then they spins their lightsabers then jump back just like in the movies also theres a bit of God of War element where when your battleing your thrown in to a mini-button game where you gotta press Triangle,circle etc ita all great fun! First level you play as Darth Vader dont get any better then this :D!

  2.  I agree 100% with GixxerDrei


    Everything that GixxerDrei has posted is correct,i've read those comics & everything GixxerDrei has said is all true.
    AvP is not a BAD film is has its moements but if your a true PREDATOR or Alien fan then you will enjoy it. 100%
    so dont worry about if it got crap review,if you LIKE AvP then watch it.



    Nintendo have done it agian! Mario Kart is so fun with 4 people multiplayer online is just great with friends or random people. The Wheel is ok if you wanna mess about or just go for a normal drive but if really want to drive,drift,preform stunts i recommend GC Remote or the Wii Remote or Classic remote. for more control.
    I got this game of launch & i was very lucky since my friend wants to get it but is out of stock everywhere in our area :D GET THIS GAME!!! IT UP THERE WITH BRAWL & The rest of the great Nintendo Wii Games.

  4.  RAMBO IS BACK - "Killing is easy as breathing"


    I been Rambo fan from the start when i heard the 4th film was being made i really had high hopes for the film.The new age of film making,better everything :D. So the finaly day came when i went to watch it in cinema & i was blown away.... the HARDCORE GORE,BLOOD & KILLING in the film, It was just off the hook. If anyone can remeber the interview on Johnathan Ross's Friday Night show where he interviewed Sylvester Stallone,Sylvester says that everyone in the film who gets killed desvered it & i agree with him the ruthless killing which takes place in the film is Very horrible :( but the final battle was just mental ,the share onslaught that happens in the last mins of the film will never be forgotten. GET this DvD once its out. I preordered my Rambo (Exclusive Personalised Sleeve) & i also plan to get it on Blu-Ray too. This is RAMBO like you have NEVER seen him before...



    I recently brought a PSP Slim/Lite & when i found out that Street Fighter was out on PSP i just had to buy it. I played nearly all the old Street Fighter games dating back to Snes,GBA,PS1,PS2. The PSP one is great with loads of new opitions,graphics are brill!,sound is top. You will not regret buying this game for your PSP if you are Street Fighter fan this game is for you!!!

    Now we gotta wait for Street Fighter 4 for PS3 :D