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  1.  Not even 8 hours into play time... already legendary.


    Like the title suggests, I find myself eager to write a review on this glorious game. I have a massive pile of controlled assessments to mark- and this game has put me WAAAAY off my quota. Pure addiction!

    So far, the storyline has become a dream- recruituing all the alien races into what I assume is going to be a massive retaliation on the Reapers. The gameplay is extraordinarily better than ME2 and ME combined- much more fluid movements from Shepard keep the pace of skirmishes and defend-the-target situations neither too fast or too much like a slog.

    Like another review has posted- the cinematics have become practically film-like. The facial movements are astounding and the characters already feel like they're alive!

    Levelling-up and upgrading weapons has also become a lot more easier. The level-up system is less complicated and offers a lot more choice in how you want your character to develop their powers; whether you prefer to go for shield and health or fighting power, you have the option! Rather than the hard grind scanning all the planets for materials, everything costs credits. The scan and probe system is still in place in the galaxy/planetary travel mode however, but is again much more fluid and easier- no heavy planet scanning taking up all of your gametime!

    A truly massive improvement on the first two games, the both of which are already high in my list of top games for the xbox, ME3 really delivers. Thanks Bioware/EA. You've made this gamer VERY happy :)

  2.  Utter Genious


    Being a huge fan of the Borat film, and a detester of the Ali G character on the whole, this film really could have gone either way for me. I went to see it at a midnight showing, worried that this might have detracted from the humour. Not in the SLIGHTEST. I don't think anything, apart from homophobia, could make you not think this film is funny. While it's plot isn't as well crafted as Borat, and the main character isn't used in the same way (Borat is lovable if misguided, while Bruno is arrogant and vain) you still cannot help thoroughly enjoying Sacha Baron Cohen's acting craft used in sculpting his character. The extra dimension in this film is actually fearing, unconditionally for his life. No more being said, this film is unbelievably outrageous (swingers and tv program testing group), pure genious! I am SERIOUSLY going to buy this film when it "comes out".

  3.  Best CD I've bought in a while!


    I can't even begin to describe how "on the fence" i was when i bought this album. It really was on a whim after hearing a snippet of one of the songs on a tv advert. Fortunately, i love every single track; something that i hardly ever do! Reminds me very much of a ingeniously mixed girls aloud, goldfrapp and the good parts of lady gaga. Completely worth every penny at full price, so make the most of this wonderful offer. Thanks play.com!

  4.  Fantastic Improvement


    When I saw this film coming out at cinemas, I was puzzled. I remembered seeing Ang Lee's 2003 version of the Hulk and it looked like an almost entire reworking of the cast (which it pretty much is). I wasnt sure whether this was a sequel or a remake of that film. It is kind of both, for those also confused. The film begins with a series of shots through the opening credits not unlike the beginning of Spiderman 3, which basically gives the audience the brief update of what happened in the original film, but only the parts of the experiement where he is changed. And of course, the film itself starts out with the hulk on the run. Ed Norton is a HUGE improvement on Bana, even though Bana is in himself a great actor. The humour is improved tenfold, and Tim Roth as the bad guy (Abomination I think) totally kicks those mutated dogs butts, and hands them to 'em on a silver platter, Power hungry, he completely takes the role of the villain and makes it his own to provide the Hulk and enemy worth fighting. Loved Liv Tyler as the eye-candy too, fantastic acting. Can't wait for the sequel, and the possibility of an Avengers film with Iron man!! (If you've seen the sneak snippets and heard the rumours you'll know what I'm talking about, and are probably just as exciting as I am). Dont hesitate about buying this film, you'll enjoy it if you've enjoyed all the recent Superhero films.