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  1.  Resistance Fall Of Save Points


    ok dont get me wrong this game is very good, and very long for a psp game. their are multiple of problems with this game. the controls are frustrating esspecially when trying to run away from big bosses. There a no save points, and it does not auto save apart from when you get half way into level. Then if you want to stop playing and turn the game off, then you have to start all over again from the begining of the level. my advice is buy this game when its say £5.

  2.  Fleet Of Fantasticness


    saw these as a band on myspace, been following their progress, and they are amazing, a truely original band

  3.  Hot export nights


    after bying this game and playing it for about 3 days, i found it to be total rubbish, the game lacks more or less everything you could expect. yes you can tune your car, but there is no excitement in the game. your much better getting need for speed most wanted or carbon.

  4.  The game oblivion wishes it was


    after playing oblivion and having problems with it, yes oblivions good, but two worlds is the game oblivion wishes it could have been. you can customise everything on this game, this game gets a good 5 out of 5.

  5.  Just Play it


    ok this game is undeniabley good the graphics on the xbox 360 are better than any other platform. the game is grand theft auto VS Far cry the game is brilliant and the auto aiming is superb. the game is one of the best that i have played in a long time. the story line is brillinant too. you can do anything in this game fly to the top of the sky and parachute back down. 8/10

  6.  Star Ship Troppers in game form


    Ok if you have ever lived in the antactic you may have thought that you were in the freezing cold. well you would be wrong lost planet makes the antartic look like paris hiltons dream home. Lost planet is the new action adventure game from capcom. and there are no zombies walking around. it takes place on the planet of EDN1 50 years after earth becomes to inhospitable.

    you take the rold of a guy called wayne who has to go though the game killing of an alien race known as the akrid. which evedently are giant insects. the games graphics are brilliant, esspecially on a HDTV, and the real time is brilliant.

    this game is very enjoyable and quite addictive, the visuals are brilliant.

    Gameplay - 8/10

    Graphics - 10/10

    Sound - 9/10

    Overall - 9/10

    you would be a fool not to buy this

  7.  Saints Row GTA RIP off


    Ok you know how it goes, and great game such as Grand theft auto, and a few years after you get cheap imatations, saints row is exactly that, with the same sort of gang warfare in the story line it hard to see why this game was made in the first place.

    gameplay - to start with all of the game play is totallly wrong, for one you dont have auto aiming which is the one thing that a grand theft auto rip of should have. also the fact that there are hundreds of glithes in the game. and the fact that the game seems quite empty.

    also there is the fact that in the game you have to boost your respect raito with the gangs in order to progress other missions.

    Story - you first start just wandering the streets then all of a sudden you are caught up in a gang war. and then you are recruted by the 3rd street saints. and the game goes from there, you have to basically take back the entire city and place it back under your control.

    Graphics - the graphics in this game are brillinat, especially the way that you have car crashes but you dont have bikes or planes in this game only cars. the physics how ever are very different, when you are jumping out of a moving vehicle you land on the ground like you would when you die. but the only problem with that is, it take ages to get back up of the floor.

    the game does have its good elements such as good music, which sort of plays from when you are inside the car. the only problem is does get a little irritateing.

    the game does have a few good points but its not worth paying the full price, just wait for GTA4 to come out.


  8.  Crackdown - Superman & Grand Theft Auto thrown in a blender


    This is a great game, you can jump higher than a skyscraper, you can pick busses up and throw them for miles, and you can drive cars that evolve.

    when i bought this game i found it fantastic, but when you max everything out it dies down a little and becomes very quiet with nothing do. i highly recommend playing this game in one player becasue if you play it in 2 player co-op then trying to complete is very hard, as when the other player kills a king pin that you havent killed you will have to join a game and kill the king pin in someone elses game.

    this game feels a little incomplete. but is very fun

  9.  No spanner in these gears


    Gears of war is with out a doubt one of the best looking games for the 360, it is totally flawless apart from one or two glitches.
    This game had me on the edge of my seat all the way though it, the physics are incredible. the game however is short but the mulitplayer is long lasting and you can never get tired of it. i give this game a good 8/10 fantastic