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  1.  great for multiplayer


    I bought this game for the offline multiplayer and it didn't disappoint.
    me and my friends play it alot. Especially the royal rumble's. Multiplayer offline and online is good.
    but the lack of any storyline is slightly disappointing.
    Career mode is rubish... the only reason to play it is to up the stats of your custom wrestler... and the road to wrestlemania only gives you a choice of 6 wrestlers .... one of them being the tag partnership of mysterio and batista to play as.
    But graphics are good, gameplay is good and the soundtrack is ok.
    I enjoyed the road to wrestlemania mode because my two fav superstars are Mysterio & Batista (look above)
    There is alot of talk about not alot changing from the last game game but i havnt played a wrestling game since smackdown 2 so i cant really say anything!
    All i can say is good multiplayer game that has rekindled my interest in wrestling

  2.  Just good fun


    All round good game!!
    can get boring though and lack of splitscreen stops it from getting 5 stars
    good for just pick up and play

  3.  100


    Thats about the number of times ive seen this film
    its excellent
    even if you havnt read the graphic novel this film is recomended
    clive owen is brilliant (probably my favourite actor)
    and the rest of the cast are just great
    a master piece of modern film making

  4.  It blew me away


    i first went to see this at the cinema and i was lost for words
    i went to see it after the recomendations of many friends but i still cudnt believe what i saw
    an amazing film that i wud recomend to anyone amazing acting and brilliant directing
    one of the best films ive seen for a long while
    probably not for eveyones taste but definately for mine
    must be said though that the book was better
    still an amazing film tho you must see it at least once!!

  5.  Die Hard!


    Well as far as i can tell when you say die hard you are really saying amazing film.
    ok nothing can stand up to the original but the second 2 are great in there own right
    i bought this because id seen all 3 and loved them all
    and in that case and for this price a definate buy
    and if you havnt seen them but love action films buy this number 1 is probably my fav film ever!!!!

  6.  What can I say?


    Microsoft have come up with the most intelligent of the 7th gen consoles
    They've designed an amazing money wasting piece of kit
    I spent over £500 on mine before it finally gave up
    its really just an over-priced over-sized over heating paper weight