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  1.  Slow, buggy, and no replayability


    This has to be the one of the worst purchases made for my PS3.
    First of all, the game is extremely buggy as even after 1GB of patches it still crashes, the loading times are dire and will test anyone's patience, the content is extremely small and provides little re-playability, the online lobby system is the worst I have come across in years and again, crashes or is very slow to load. On top of all this the game mechanics are made so that unless you are using a steering wheel it is very hard to drive the faster cars, the graphics are terrible - do not believe the screen shots as they are taken using the in game photo mode and the car AI is embarrassingly bad. I actually can not think of any reasons why someone would recommend this game, unless they wanted that person to waste money on purpose.

  2.  The new bench mark for every fps...


    In short, killzone 2 is extremely good and a must buy for all PS3 owners, but it may not be for everyone. Although a sci-fi shooter, the game engine is far more realistic then most games, and in my opinion, more realistic by far then COD5 and COD4.
    The graphics are incredible, and makes everyone who does not have a hdtv want to buy one, as that would make the visuals even better! Also as the game has been done in 7.1 surround sound, having this would make the experience even greater.
    The AI is excellent. Although this may not be apparent on easier modes - just crank up the difficulty and watch the AI set up traps for you through pure tactics!
    Now lots of people have complained about the storyline, why i do not know. Its nice and simple, like it should be for a realistic shooter. Bad guys invade homeplanet- get repelled (Killzone 1). Now your attacking the enemy on their homeworld. Simple and plausable. If you want in depth story, go play an RPG.
    Now for the tricky part - online multiplayer. First off, its really really hard. If you run out ito everyone, you will die almost instantly. But this means the game has been designed for team tactics and skill, hence the different multiplayer modes.
    So if you want a quick, easy, gun-ho fps, this game is not for you. But if youve been a fan of any COD game, or any realistic shooter, then you will love this. Or if you want an fps which is different from the rest, something new and leading in its design, then this game is a must.

  3.  A good game! But not so good as an mmorpg.


    If you've enjoyed any other Pirates game, then you'll enjoy this one, but that doesnt mean its worth the £7.00 Pay to Play a month sub.

    After spending a number of weeks on the beta until it closed, i did enjoy the game. It has good graphics ( buggy at parts, but then it was the beta), and good,FUN gameplay (constant quests which for the most part were entertaining and with a optional difficulty setting) which varied from land missions to sea. The new economy and PVP system is very good as it forces players to 'fight for their nation' as you dont want to lose your investments as well as giving you the option to focus on trade rather then become another grinder/PVP'er. So generally, a good online game..

    But here's the downside:

    Most of the game elemnts have been done before and better. The sandbox gameplay is a straight copy off EvE, which fair enough is about time, however it does not go into enough detail or depth to make the system user friendly/usable, so dont expect to jump right into making a small buisness empire. Instead be ready to frustraitingly try to work out how to do basic things from lack of guidance.
    The horrible inbalance of PVE on the global map is disaterous. Most enemies outside of missions being lvl40+ which is deadly to anyone lvl30 and below, so unless your willing to stay within 4 ports (very small area) for a few weeks you will get very frustrated. However this may chance after beta.
    On top of this, the PVP is also inbalanced. The PVP i saw consisted of 6 players going round together and jumping on individuals- which in a game which has no form of insurance for your ship, unless u've a lvl 30+ ship, this is quite disasterous and enough to make you quit. But as its online, PvP is inevitable.
    But this is what i dont undertsand with PotBS. At one point I played for almost 2 weeks and didnt use any of the online features, such as talking to people etc, which shows that it has much more depth then most online games, but also that it doesnt really need to be online.
    Sadly the size of the 'world map' is rather small and very small when compared to other mmorpgs on the market, taking around 40 mins to cross the enitre length, which could be good if you need to run errands, but when you consider the amount of money you are paying, you ask yourself is it worth it and how long until you get bored.

    If you like the series and have spare cash then go for it, but if not, then get the older games as theyre a lot cheaper and just as fun. I gave this game 3 stars as i felt like its another comapny jumping onto the online bandwagon to make some fast cash. Although theyre experience in making offline games has shown due to the depth of this online game surpasing most, saldy they fell short of the 5 star success due to massive gameplay flaws .