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  1.  Brilliant Comedy!!


    Becker is fantastic, its as simple as that, the writing the acting and particularly Ted Dansons brooding presence as Dr John Becker is fabulous. In my opinion this never really received the praise it should have it really is a genuine comedy gem. I purchased the box set recently even after reading the reviews on here informing me of the bad quality of the sync etc but i decided to risk it and they must have fixed the problem because my disks are fine. This is a purchase you wont soon regret The show is great, the disks are now fine and the price is right i really hope they release the other 5 series of this Wonderful Comedy!!!

  2.  Best New Comedian!!!


    Michael mcintyre is hilarious!!! Went to see him live in birmingham and the show was fantastic, his material and the way he delivers it is un-rivalled by any young/new comedian and to make the show even better i had the great plesure of bumping into him outside while he was waiting for his car,not only is he funny but he is genuinley a lovely guy anyone looking to laugh for a solid 90 minutes should think about buying this dvd because at this moment there really is no-one better than michael mcintyre!!!!

  3.  This is the story of two...Pretty Good, Bad Men


    Its so pleasing to finally see this show released on dvd its as brilliant now as it was in the 70's. The drama/comedy mix is perfect and every episode is a stonker, the standout episode for me being "The Man who murdered Himself" the series is well written, brilliantly acted and lets face it has one of the best theme tunes ever!! I'm hoping the next series will be out soon i cant wait to own the Montana Red Dog episode but this box set will tide me over nicely for now, A must Buy!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Glory Glory Man United!!!!!!!!!


    I dont know about all the other United fans out there but im still recovering from the 21st May. What a night and what a way to reclaim our rightful place as the Best team in Europe. This has to be a must own DVD for any Stretford End Native not only the breathtaking Champions League campaign but another turbulent Premier League title race with twists, turns and a few goals from that bloke in The number 7 shirt. I've got this Pre Ordered already and cant wait for the release date ,get this, watch it and then take a breath...Cos it all starts again in August. UNITED,UNITED,UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  Listen up Newbie: you Reeeeeeealy should buy this.


    Now word has it that Scrubs lost its touch after series 4. This could not be more wrong, after what i'd heard i was quite worried about watching this but i have to say Scrubs series 5 is as good as if not better than any of the previous series. It never stops being funny and i honestly mean that, theres not a single episode that wont make you laugh and for a tv show to consistently acheive that is a huge credit to the writers and cast. Standout moments from the series for me were the Episode that Zach Braff Directed (which showed he's ace behind the camera as well as in front of it). Carla and Turk finally getting pregnant and the episodes My Lunch and My Fallen Idol in which we see that Dr Cox is human afterall and even the most ego-tistical people need a shoulder to cry on sometimes. Overall this is 24 episodes of laughter,tears and a whole lot of Newbie ripping that makes for a fantastic dvd boxset. If you dont own it: Buy it, if you do own it :Stop reading my review and go and watch it!!!!!!!

  6.  HERE COME THE DRUMS!!!!!!!!


    The last three episodes of series 3 of the finest show of the last 20 years.Firstly Russel T Davies deserves a Knighthood for re-vamping this amazing show.The greatest accomplishment of these episodes is simply the casting.David Tennant has always been superb as The Doctor, but pairing him with the charismatic and frankly Wonderful John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness is a stroke of genius.However the "masterstroke"(if youll forgive the pun) is the brilliant John Simm as The Master for me he absolutley stole every scene he was in, a fantastic choice to play the Renegade Time Lord. Overall the writing is spot on,the acting out of this world and effects are outstanding bravo to the BBC and Long Live The Master... er i mean The Doctor.

  7.  A fantastic Show


    Scrubs is Brilliant there is no doubt about it. I didnt get into it when it first came out because i was still hooked on Friends and i have to say this show comes incredibly close to been better than Friends. Why? simply because of how it makes you feel, in one scene you can be laughing your ass off as Dr Cox rips into JD for the millionth time then in the very next second you can be welling up inside because a patient died its so brilliantly written and superbly acted its impossible not to get sucked in to the bizzare world that is Sacred Heart. And The wealth of Fantastic Characters is amazing From Ted the insecure and downright depressed Lawyer all the Way to Dr Cox:Who, and listen carefully here Newbies Just might be THE Greatest Character of all time. People say the latest series are not up to scratch and i agree but only due to the fact that the earlier series set the bar so high. This really is a great purchase for anyone looking to laugh and cry at the same time. Just be careful though, you may overdose on laughter and this is one crazy hospital to be rushed into!!!

  8.  The Best is Back!!!


    The Back of box reads"The best is back". Quite a bold statement one might think. However, when you consider what a show this is it Becomes quite the Understatement. Yes Lost is back and better than ever. If series one and two blew you away then series three will catch you,bring you back down to earth, make you wonder what the hell is going on then blow you away all over again. Whats great about this series is The Others and the fact that we are forced to look at them in a different light. Much of series three is centred around the way they live, work and operate whereas in series one and two we feared them because they were unknown we find out all about them here and to be honest we fear them more for knowing. However i personally saw method in their madness particularly in Bens determination to preserve the island and keep it safe which will be key to series 4. Overall this is amazing television and an essential purchase with some fantastic extras on the last disk. Get (4)ready(8) Folks(15)Its(16)time to get(23)Lost all over again(42).

  9.  Best DS Game? GUILTY!!!


    I got this game in an offer a few weeks back and i have to say ive hardly put it down.Its absolutley fantastic.Its so refreshing to play a game that invites you to use your brain rather than shooting a load of terrorists or kicking a ball into a net.There are only 5 cases to solve in total but they keep going for hours with twists and turns everywhere and you genuinley feel for the people your defending and feel determined to get the Not Guilty verdict passed.This is easily the best game ive played on the DS and thats the verdict. Court is Ajourned!!!

  10.  The Best Comedy DVD ever, NO SWEAT !!!!!!!


    What can you say about this man? Lee Evans is without a doubt the best comic of this generation quite possibly of all time, his energy and charisma are fantastic and this DVD is essential for any comedy fan. from the minute Lee gets on stage to the moment the last drop of sweat falls from "Monkey Boys" nose its a non stop ride of Laughter and tears, he has the best written gags around but its the way he delivers them with his flailing limbs and eccentric faces that has the audience cracking up. the finale is fantastic too With the song "Three second memory" an instant classic. Hes touring again in 2008 and if you can get tickets (ive got mine) youll have the night of your life but until then this will tide you over nicely .The Monkey Boy done good :THIS IS LEGEND!!!!!!!!