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  1.  Seen it all before


    Most of the material on here has appeared during his other TV appearances over the last year.

    So, fabulous as it is and it was great the first time around, it's not worth paying to see again.

  2.  Cha'mon Oooo Hooo


    I'm guessing this is the Mark 2 version for sale judging by the other reviews. Mark 1 didn't seem to do Michael any favours:)

  3.  Disappointing early film.


    I was quite disappointed by this film. I loved Pan's Labyrinth and can accept that this film predates that one by 14 years or whatever. So, lower budget, less experience etc etc etc. But at the end of the day, I thought the story was quite banal and the acting quite uninspired. And, whatever way you look at it, it isn't scary in the slightest. There's lots of blurb on the slipcase that waffles on about amazing visuals and makeup etc. I clearly wasn't watching the same film. Average. Borrow, don't buy and don't believe the hype on this one.

  4.  Old English Hogwash


    I had expected this book to be specifically about the Old English Sheepdog. You'd think so by the title and the picture on the cover.

    What you actually get is a book that does have details of the breed history and standard at the front, but beyond that, everything else is generic fodder. Replace the pictures and you have a book that fits any breed.

    Don't buy this book. Search the web instead for nothing.

  5.  A tree died for this tripe....


    ...do not add to further deforestation by buying it. This book really has nothing to offer a Kate Bush fan. Avoid it. John Mendelssohn should be ashamed of himself. I only give it 1 star because Play doesn't allow 0 stars.

  6.  Not brilliant. not bad, but the bar is so high.


    I bought it, I hated it. I persevered and now I like (not love) the second side. I'm a big fan. I've loved her since the beginning, so I get Kate. I have expectations the same as all her fans. But now the dust has settled on this one, it's not her best. The production is amazing, the songs are of Kates usual wierd and wonderful imagination, but some of it is a bit cringeworthy.

    I hope it doesn't take another 12 years. I couldn't live with the disappointment again.

  7.  Expensive but worth it.


    Nothing by Apple is cheap hence only 4 stars. But what you do get is brilliant for streaming music. I can now direct my music library from my mac in one room to my stereo in another (saves having a separate laptop/pc linked directly to my stereo). And when you add an iPhone or iPod Touch with "Remote" on it to the mix, you can then wirelessly control that library from any room. How cool is that:)

    Well done Apple. Now bring the prices down a bit and I can rig the whole house from one source.

  8.  Beware the bug


    There I was happily plonking around getting to grips with it all and quite enjoying my first foray into Lara's Tomb when......
    I hit the bug! I now know details are plastered all over the net. But I didn't know about it until I hit it. So, I had to scrap my progress and start from scratch - which after 5 minutes I got fed up with and so haven't bothered since.

    About 2/3rds of the way through, there is a huge room with a bridge and 4 targets/levers. Do Not try out the levels when you first enter the room. If you do, you trigger the bug. The levers should only be used when you return to the room later. Search the net - you'll see what I mean. Very annoying.

  9.  Sisters (of perpetual indulgence) doing it for themselves!


    Ah, what a lovely, heartwarming, fluffy film about the Nuns of the Order of the Humble Redeemers helping a soul in distress. Just some nice god fearing Nun's doing what Nuns do really! NOT!

    Actually, the story involves a drug addict hiding from the police after her boyfriend overdoses. She's offered a place to hide by the Nuns. But these are no ordinary nuns. We're not talking raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens here. Any brown paper packages tied up in string probably contain the latest sleazy novel written by Sister Manure. As for snowflakes that stay on your nose - more like up your nose! As well as the aforementioned Sister Manure, we have Sister Sin, Sister Snake and Sister Rat of the Sewer. Each has their own sin. Be it drugs, sex, extortion or tigers (kid you not). The story is dark humour at it's best.

    A good early film by Pedro Almodovar that's a taste of better things to come.

    Warped, dark, funny and wrong in so many ways, but great fun. These are a few of my favourite things indeed!

  10.  Great fun all these years later


    I first saw this film yonks ago when it first came out on VHS because it had a (partial) Jim Steinman sound track. (I know, I know. But honestly, the tracks are great.) It was apparently a huge flop at the box office but it did have Purple Rain to content with.

    At the time, I really loved it and probably for all the wrong reasons. It's quite cheesy with lots of laughable macho posturing and dreadful acting in places. But, it has a great story, great music, good cast and a fabulous visual style thanks to Walter Hill. Mind you, I'm not quite sure what's going on with Willem Dafoe in chest height rubber waders - but hey, it's a look and he does seem live above a leather fetish bar.

    It's the common age old story of girl loves boy, boy leaves girl, girl breaks in to song and gets kidnapped by rubber biker freak, boy breaks in to s&m dungeon and rescues girl, rubber biker freak looses fight to steal back girl, girl breaks into song - so boy leaves girl, again, obviously girl didn't learn her lesson about the singing thing first time around.

    Over the years, I've occasionally randomly recalled it and thought nostalgically..."ahh, I remember that" then immediately realised that by now it'll be outdated, corny and rubbish. Well, I saw it again recently and the news is that it's all of those things BUT I found I still love it.

    Seriously though, it's a really enjoyable, stylish film that's easy to watch even 20 years or so later. Buy it and have a few drinks as you let it wash over you. Altogether now..."Let the rebels begin, Let the fire be started, We're dancing for the restless and the broken-hearted...." Bliss.