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  1.  Fascinating and heartbreaking


    This film takes you on journey through drug addiction and relatable characters trying to strive for a better life. The acting is fantastic, Jared Leto and Ellen Burstyn especially. From the beginning it's sad to watch but well worth seeing and not a film you'll soon forget.

  2.  Amazing !


    Rahman's music (which makes up most of the album) is amazing, addictive and complimented the film perfectly. I recommend it to anyone even if they haven't seen the film.

  3.  It was....OK


    I loved steve carell in little miss sunshine, but did expect a lot more from this film. It was a cute, original story, but wasnt really funny, if you don't ever see it then you won't be missing out on anything special. But it's good light hearted story for a night in.

  4.  Grown up fairytales


    Brilliant series!

    About a girl who finds a vortex in new york city that takes her through into a different land where she gets mixed up with many 'kingdoms' of magic and fantasy.

    A story with a different view on classic fairy tales and enjoyable for both adults and children.

  5.  Fantastic!


    I think a lot of people imagine this programme is going to be about girls walking around in hardly any clothes but its a fanstastic series about 3 amazing girls who are fun loving, smart, down to earth and so much fun to watch and its always nice to see what lifes like on the other side!

    I agree with everyone above - when is region 2 for series 2 and 3 coming out!!

  6.  Fantastic fun!


    Fantastic films! very funny, very enjoyable, the sort of films you'll watch over and over again!

  7.  Brilliant


    Great film! You watch this character go from the high life with everything every one dreams of having and then he's given a life where his job earns him little and he has a wife and kids - seeing how he copes is a really interesting journey.

    Id recommend it, and it's quite chrismasy for anyone who wants to get in the holiday spirit (any time of the yr)

  8.  Random...very random, funny!


    I know guys just love this film because will ferrells obvious comedy style. the first time i saw this film i didnt think much of it and didnt pay a great deal of attention to what was going on but on watching it again i thought it was a fun film with some fanstastic funny moments and it it has some great apperances by other comdedian actors.

  9.  Rubbish!


    I couldnt even watch this film all the way through! the story is just riddiculous - a girl who can't remember the guy shes dating each day so he has to make her fall for him over and over, its just not getting anywhere, the story line just isnt strong enough. watch if you have nothing better to do

  10.  Glam, fierce, brilliant film


    I think the actors are just fantastic in this film, meryl streep as miranda is just perfect. If you love fashion then you'll adore this film and its Fun story line, just as great as the book!