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  1.  One of the best comedies on TV


    When I first noticed the humourous adverts on E4 for this, I knew it was going to be a hit. Once I'd watched episode 1, I couldn't wait for episode 2!

    The Inbetweeners makes excellent viewing. The writers have done a brilliant job in regards to the interaction between the characters. The plots of each episode are well developed and always leave the viewer wanting more.

    As the winner of the Best New TV Comedy award at last year's British Comedy Awards, the Inbetweeners has got the potential to become the best comedy on television. Series 2 is currently being aired and I'm hoping for a 3rd. Buy it now!

  2.  Like CoD4? Try this


    I think the main reason why many people dislike CoD5 is because they aren't used to using the basic weapons. After a little while playing multiplayer you begin to get used to them as well as pick up improvements.

    CoD5 is certainly an improvement on CoD4. The addition of tanks to multiplayer mixes things up quite a bit and destroying them gives you an additional challenge.

    It might cost a bit just to try it out, but its definitely worth the risk. Go on. Give it a go!

  3.  Best thing on BBC3 for a while!


    I didn't see the pilot as, at the time, it looked pretty boring. However, I thought I'd give episode 1 a shot as it was primetime on a Sunday evening and was pleasently surprised.

    The underlying story seems pretty strange, but it works really well. Every episode is written excellently and I can't wait for Series 2! When a programme has a cliffhanger as effective as that of series 1, you know it's going to last for a while.

    Excellent storylines, outstanding acting and a bit of gore make for fantastic viewing.

  4.  If only 6 stars was an option...


    Everything about this game is fantastic. The graphics, gameplay, sound effects...all outstanding! I've had my eye on this game for a while ever since I noticed the trailer for it. Game trailers often claim that they contain "actual gameplay footage", but they usually differ slightly. Assassin's Creed is more or less the only game that is exactly as the trailer portrays it to be (watch that before playing the game...you'll understand).

    I'm not usually a fan of games with a roleplaying element, but I was thoroughly interested with the storyline of Assassin's Creed. If you are a fan of any Crusade-related things, such as Robin Hood, this is the game for you.

    In addition, if you play games to increase your gamerscore, this game contains some excellent and rewarding challenges. For example, each area containts a certain number of tiny flags that must be found. They're dotted around the cities in the shadows and are a joy to find.

    This game is available to buy from the Xbox Classics Collection and it truly is a classic. Its brilliantly designed and deserves a huge amount of recognition. Assassin's Creed 2 is in development, but I can't see how it can get any better than this!

  5.  Works like a dream!


    I bought this due to the poor picture quality of the Component HD AV Cable that came with the console. My TV isn't HD, but this has improved the picture dramatically. There is a small loss of colour, but I just adjusted the screen settings on my TV to fix that.

    I would recommend that you buy this cable even if, like me, your TV isn't HD. Its definitely worth the money and makes playing games like Call of Duty a lot easier.

  6.  Theres no contest for Conquest!


    As a massive fan of Lord of the Rings, I've been looking forward to this game ever since I heard about it a few months ago. Its definitely lived up to my expectations.

    As others have said, the campaigns are a bit short. However, the varying levels of difficulty help to prolong the gameplay. Most of the achievements are fairly easy to complete within the first attempt of the 'War of the Ring' and the 'Rise of Sauron' campaigns, but some require skilled online gameplay.

    The ability to play as Ents and Trolls is excellent, but what puts this game in my list of favourites is the option to play as the Balrog and Sauron (finally!). They each attack with devastating effects, my favourite being the attack on the Shire. Taking down Oliphaunts Legolas-style was also a huge perk. I have to take my hat off to Pandemic Studios for adding that.

    The combat system is pretty basic, but it works well in both the campaign and online. The addition of a magic class was a great touch; its my favourite for the online play.

    All in all, its a great game. Obviously its not for anyone that likes to keep to Tolkien Lore. It pretty much breaks every rule in that aspect, but I think thats why I enjoy this game so much; it lets your imagination run wild. I would recommend downloading the demo first, but remember that it isnt a full representation of the final game. Try it out!

  7.  The return of Bauer...YAY!


    At first, I didn't like the idea of 24 being squeezed into a short episode like this (after all, its called '24'). However, as the familiar beeps began those thoughts went out of the window.

    24: Redemption is the perfect way to get back into the series. Although its set in a completely different country to the original series, the story fits in well and gives an insight into the life Jack has been leading whilst on the run. Robert Carlyle also gives an excellent performance as Jack's ally.

    Buy it, watch it, love it and get ready. Season 7 is on its way!

  8.  Great online gameplay!


    I've been playing this for a few weeks now and I'm loving it! I loved playing Halo: Combat Evolved on PC, but the graphics and ranking system of COD4 make it my No. 1 game for online play. I've only dabbled in single player for a little while, but even now I can say its gripping.

    If your PC can handle it, get this! Its a game that you'll be drawn back to time and time again.

  9.  Much better


    I've just watched this and its much better than the film that was released a few years ago. Theres a lot more action, a better storyline and a lot more Hulk.

    Watch this and you'll forget the shameful film of 2003.

  10.  Plain awful


    I read the first Play.com reviews of Dragon Wars and it seemed like a good film. After watching it I wish I hadn't wasted my money. This film is an hour and a half of pure rubbish...

    The basis of Dragon Wars is simple; korean legend brought into the modern day causing havoc in Los Angeles. The explanation of this legend takes too long in my opinion. It contains martial art sequences that don't really fit in with the rest of the film. This was the first bit that I disliked.

    The way the present day candidates for the legend discover their destiny drags on for a bit too long. There are a lot of loose ends in this part of the film that really should have been made clear.

    The script writers don't waste any more time. The main characters seem to run around endlessly without making much progress and an army of dragons emerges from some caves.

    Overall, Dragon Wars is not worth the money. As others have mentioned, the film seems to have appeared from nowhere announcing itself as a huge hit. The only highlight of this film and a reason for 2 stars for me was the special effects. The storyline has some continuity errors and none of the earlier events lead to anything major. Most of the acting is poor and the ending is a disappointment.

    Buy it if you must. You might like it, but then again you might not. Its Reign of Fire with a dash of Power Rangers and a bit of CGI. Not for me.