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  1.  Well worth the money!


    First off, to the person who gave it a 1 star. I've had a few ATI cards in the past and almost every one of them had problems - drivers, hardware fault or over heating. I eventually became geforce user and never looked back. Undertake research into the problem. It could of just been a simple driver update for all you know. (ATi is pure horrible when it comes to drivers.) Just please don't give what could be a good game a bad score based on your own hardware troubles. It can be very misleading.

    Now I said this could be a good game and in my opinion it IS a good game. Well worth the money. I never buy many games but I always make it the "done thing" to buy the total war series. I also feel naughty writing this review on PLAY as I didn't buy it from them. I won't name places, for obvious reasons, but if you're like me you'll probably want to shop around first to find the best bargin, etc etc.

    On to the game itself:

    - Game feels much more polished and updated than empire total war.
    - Hardly any bugs (I didn't find any) and much more stable than empires was.
    - Tutorial is helpful if you're new to total war or you're just finding out whats different.
    - The AI feels much better than ETW. They actually want to negotiate this time!
    - Liberating countries is a nice touch and a welcomed addition to the game.
    - Forming a square formation actually works now. Horses won't charge into bayonets.
    - Infantry fire and reload faster and in my opinion it feels more balanced (and fun) that way.
    - Generals play a bigger part in the game and you would regret not having one in your army.
    - AI in battle is improved but do expect them to often make big mistakes.
    - Cannons are almost essential in battles and are faster reloading and more accurate.
    - Smoke! Smoking kills but its even more deadly when coming out of a barrel. :)
    - 2 player campaign coop! Enough said.
    - Online multiplayer battles work fine and managed through the Steam network.
    - (No need to open up ports and dmz your router, etc.)
    - Ship combat is pritty much same as ETW but the bigger ships are easier to build in campaign.
    - Unit graphics and unit stats are different depending on your nation.

    Also if you're intrested, get yourself the Radious sound mod. It makes the weak "puffs" of the rifles sound much more deadly. Its a small change but brings a whole new level of epicness to the battle.

  2.  Good game! Rather fun and addictive!


    Good game all round. If you like "making" games then this is very much for you. It tries to be similar to Theme Hospital game and its not a bad contender to it. The ilnesses are as silly as TH's style and the machines too. However TH was a classic and nothing can beat it.

    There is sort of a storyline to the game with a TV series style to it. The story is not exactly brilliant but thats not what you buy the game for in this genre. The difficulty of the game is rather easy and not very challenging. I have only got half way through the game at present so could not tell you how hard it actually gets at the end. But it ain't the sort of game to rip your hair out over. (Which reminds me of the later levels on Theme Hospital - Those were not easy! :P )

    Building the rooms is not perfect as you can't size the room to exact sizes (as you could do in TH). There are options to customize the room like paint and floor ... but not many and limited.

    Overall this game is fun and addictive. It worth being played! Its not the next theme hospital game but it certainly tries to be similar in areas of the game. This game, in my opinion, ain't really worth £17.99 as it is at present but if you do get hold of the game you wouldn't be dissapointed.