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  1.  was good


    me and my girlfriend liked it, it was abit quicker than the ones before, scared the hell out of her. would recommend if you've watched the other ones/

    p.s not much use of surround sound in the film

  2.  bad reviews?


    A cross between war of the worlds/independence day/cloverfield,

    the film was good, and i'm not some avid geeky scifi fan either, but the film was easy to follow, had loads of action, fair enough the acting at time was poor but i recognise half the cast.. and it kept me and my gf on the edge of our seats as whats gonna happen next..

    before i bought it i read the reviews and alot of people slating saying was worst film ever but it really isnt, and it is good, the special effects were excellent and the story was easy to follow..

  3. Legion



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    Just finished it like 10 mins ago.

    at first i was confused as the story seemed a little all over the place and many about an imperial guard regiment.

    however the story unravels and it turns into an exciting story and you want to keep reading to find out whats going to happen next!! and the ending wow, didnt expect it like that, truly amazing.

  4.  was good


    although i flew through this book, it was mainly about the the dark angles home planet, before it was discovered by the Emporer. the story is about how the dark angles (before they were dark angles) lived in ignorance to the Emporer (beloved by all(ha)). It follows one main character and his ascension into the Order, it also has the Lion (DA primarch) in it. It is a must if your reading through the HH books, but its all background and none of it is relevant to where the HH was after finishing the last books, however still a great read dont know why such a low rating i still enjoyed it. apparently the story continues in the next DA book.

  5.  excellent


    ive started reading through the HH series recently which is a fantastic series. this book is excellent, i really enjoyed it as i have all the other books it adds another view to the story. 5*

  6.  22" acer


    the actual name is p223w (without the d)

    i got this monitor today, and its so fantastic. plug and play ofc. looks amazing i love it. i like the stand its unique and sturdy.

    as it says in the book the dimensions are 517 (w) x 401 (h) 177 (d) mm

    if your thinking of buying this monitor you wont be disapointed. i was searching for months for a good deal. i managed to get it 115 in January ! as it went for that price for about a day then went back up so i was very lucky. i do have 2 stuck pixels but u can do things to get rid. also theres 3 year acer warranty. amazing

  7.  district 9 out of 10


    i watched this at the cinema. not what i expected at all. its like a documentary of aliens that seek refuge on earth. it follows in particular a human and an alien and his kid for the most part. still a wicked a film i loved it. dont buy if you want an independence day type action film.

  8.  DOWII


    I used to play the original DOW with the expansions. DOW II is completely different game, none of the base building or camping, its alot more tactical game where you fighting constantly rather than camping n such.

    The graphics are good and the new style of gameplay i enjoy but it isnt for everybody, i took a gamble for £10 and i liked it so. (priced when i bought)

    However u have to run it through steam and games for windows which is annoying, there are only the four races, not that many units but im sure more units are going to be added in further expansions just like the original. For £12 (time of review) you cant go wrong but its alot more tactical game and there is no common base building so bare that in mind to see whether its your thing or not.

  9.  L4D


    I have the original version of this game with survival downloaded not included. Its a fantastic game... i absolutely love it i never get sick of it, i must of played the campaigns online a million times over, im now addicted to the versus multiplayer which is brilliant. This is a fantastic fps, if you like killing zombies its brilliant or even just a good fps.

  10.  lol


    didn't like the game at all. the start took forever, the graphics aren't very impressive the game play is horrid. don't buy will be the best thing you ever did.