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  1.  Great add on which will only get better with time and games


    I have used it with res evil 5 and sports champions and it is very accurate compared to wii.

    The build quality is top notch, it feels light but steady and well built. I find it more comfortable than the wii mote.

    As time goes and more games use the controls well you will buy one anyway! and i doubt it'll get much cheaper than 29.99!

    My navigation controller hasnt arrived yet (2 days after pre ordering from play) but i can confirm that using the DS3 is a functional solution although holding it in one hand takes a lil getting used to.

    My only complaints are that you have to be a certain distance from the camera (about 2 metres) .

    The 'constant collaboration' is only in sports champs. If your lowering the score for this because of the game you use it, thats a little silly.

  2.  Gears of War = amazing!


    This is a truly amazing game which should be played by ALL 360 owners!

    If youre not on live the games longevity could be an issue but at the current price point buying this is a no brainer!



    The games alone would cost you at least 50 assuming you got them all second hand. All top quality exclusives that 360 owners should play.

    Amazing bundle play! Ordered mine! cant wait till the 28th!

  4.  Best game this gen...


    Title says it all! Buy this game now if you have a PS3 - complete it and get ready for uncharted 2 coming soon!

  5.  Amazing fantasy adventure


    The best western RPG i have played on any console - best game on the 360.

    Some people bemoan the 12 hour story mode - which is the playtime of a standard action game but not an RPG - but for the price of 17.99 you get a great gaming experience.

  6.  Best controller EVER! except the awful dpad!


    This is the perfect controller but if you are intending to use for games that are better with a dpad (emulated games/street fighter 4 ect) its very disapointing - its inferior to any dpad on any controller that i have had since my nes.

    For the price still worth a buy..

  7.  A magical machine...


    PS3 deserves 5 starts 10 times over - it does so much that it has more in common with a super computer, so much more than the sum of its parts.

    As a gaiming machine - its the hands down best on the market right now with best exclsuives and free online.

    As a Blu Ray player - its the best on the market as its firmware upgradeable and will allow you to buy movies via the online store.

    As the centre of a music system - its flawless and supports full HD sound. If you are a huge music buff then this is the way to play all your master recordings.

    As an internet browser - it provides the best internet browsing experience off a PC. Sites like youtube, facebook, myspace, twitter, MSN, play.com, are all accessible and can be used as you would on PC (when theres a group of friends or family theres nothing like going on youtube and watching some funny skits, stand up or sporting moments together)

    Harddrive - the PS3 can support an internal HDD of 500gb - and its pretty cheap. You can also hook up an external HDD of 500gb. Thats a Terabyte of space.

    While there are other good products out there that do the individual functions of the PS3 (An xbox 360, a mini box hardrive to HDTV converter, a sony blu ray player ect) all of these products are inferior/not as good value as the PS3.

    I paid twice as much for this console only 2 years ago and i consider that a very good price. for 250 you should have already ordered!



    Alot of people comparing this to wii sports tennis? Thats a mode in a free game, not a game in its own right!

    If you like simple tennis (like wii sports) then ALL tennis games are going to disappoint you!! I personally find the lack of shots a little TOO simple!

    This game provides a much deeper tennis experience, though the controls would have been better on a standard controller. The lack of charecters and courts means this will be a little disappointing to old school SEGA fans!!

    All in all, the best tennis game on wii!! (not as good as virtua tennis 3 although its from the same makers)!!

  9.  The price is about right...


    I am very tempted to say 'for the price this is a good deal' but its not.

    There are a long list of better FPS titles (The Orangebox, Call of Duty 4, Condemned 2, Resistance).

    While it may seem like a good purchase its a false economy! by the time you have finished this ugly game (about 10 hours of play) there is nothing else to do! Which means you will have to but another FPS just for multiplayer!

    -Ugly game with no variety (all levels are dark and brown? for some reason) no incentive to play past the poor storyline! Totally unlikeable cast, bad controls, respawning enemies (from normal grunts to bosses! without this the game would be about half the length.)

    You have been warned....

  10.  The Next Gen console


    I bought a PS3 on release and have loved it ever since!

    Great next gen titles are obviously available but i have collected some AMAZING ps1 and 2 games that i missed out on the first time!

    A great purchase which is also a blu ray dvd player (high def dvds) a web browser, photoviewer, Music player and normal DVDs (as well as the Dvx format!)

    If you have a HD plasma/LCD tv then buy this over wii and the xbox360!