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  1.  ok, but not there best


    bit disappointed. Not as good as previous works, no decent beats or party songs on this album, very slow.

  2.  avoid


    Be careful. I and many other people it seems have been left unable to play the game due to the patch issue. no matter how many times i downloaded it and no matter what sources i used they where all corrupted. acording to their fan forum its a bug in some of there cd's or something. I bought the original and was left unable to play it once you had to log in online. you cant log in online unless you patch and i couldnt patch. i bought this anthology and guess what! same problem! so i have bought this game twice and been left unable to play it. for that reason i would suggest you do not buy it.

  3.  4//5


    The story is a bit hit and miss. I mean would the samurai really let tom cruse hang out with them? i dont think so. But the end battle is really awsome for lack of a better word and makes this film worth buying. Dont take it too seriously and its rather enjoyable.

  4.  5/5


    This was the film that proberly earnt daniel craig his role as the new james bond. A very clever british gangster film that isnt as bloody or quite as gritty as other ones like snatch, or the football factory. Which makes it perfect for the more screemish audiance. A must buy!

  5.  4/5


    I was quite surpised at just how good this is. Its not cheesy at all and is really enjoyable. Good acting, story, action scenes. etc. The ending is good as well. well worth buying.

  6.  3/5


    This movie starts strongly. Very realistic in terms of the jokes and all the cleaning they do! But sadly it decends into the usual hollywood "we are all hero's" rubbish that is ment to make you feel emotional inside. however it isnt too overwhelming and the film is enjoyable and certainly worth of a watch if you like your action films.

  7.  2/5


    A bad movie to say the least. weak story, weak acting by most of the cast and weak special effects. unless you find it in the bargin bin i wouldnt bother.

  8.  5/5


    Nothing short of brilliant. an amazing film Tom Hanks gives a great performance. this film is over 3 hours long but it has you gripped from start to finish. for a 3 hour film to do that is very impressive. The ending may even bring a tear to your eye. a must buy!

  9.  3/5


    Despite the name the film is more of a gangster/thug movie then a football movie. though football is the main theme in which the violence rotates around the movie is more about the people then the actual sport.

    If you like that kind of movie. If you enjoyed the business, green streets or rise of the foot soldier then this film is a worthy add-on to your collection. If those movies are not your cup of tea then I would avoid this movie.

  10.  5/5


    Not enough films have been made showing the war from a german point of view and not enough films have been made by those who where once the axis powers.

    This film should serve as a reminder that not all germans where nazi's and that germans during world war 2 where just as human and as normal a person as our own grandfathers who fought in the conflict where.

    A great film, Dont let the fact its subtitled put you off. Its shows just how mad a man hitler really was.