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  1.  A must read for cycling fans


    This is the first book to blow the lid off drugs in professional cycling and as such is a landmark book. Although famous for exposing the doping side of cycling there are also some true insights into how the world of professional cycling operated, race fixing etc.
    I think that the author has become more and more bitter over the years and this is apparent in the new chapters in this edition which add nothing to the book.

    Excellent book and well written, let down by the additional chapters.

  2.  Gangs, knives and fighting: it has it all!


    A really good read that tackles the relevant issue of gangs and the dangers of knives.
    For a relatively short story the author does a good job capturing the intricate relationships that occur within schools and the horror of bullying.
    Compelling reading from start to finish. Yes it's aimed at the teen market but without being dumbed down. It is an edgy book that should be part of the curriculum.

  3.  Indulgent and boring


    As a big fan of spaced I was expecting to enjoy this book. In the end I just wasn't interested in what Simon life. Most of experiences just seemed quite ordinary.
    I imagine he's a nice guy and I still think Spaced is awesome but I don't think this book is that great.

  4. Room



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    Not a book I would have picked myself but I'm very glad I read it.
    Looks at the ability to over come and survive even in the most hideous of situations. Having said this it wasn't a depressing book and there's plenty of moments that will make you laugh.

  5.  Terrible


    It's rare that I give up on a book so quickly but I only managed 70 pages of this one.
    It's like Mills and Boon blended with Dan Brown and I'm not talking about the best parts of each style either.

  6.  Journey into the mind of an amateur cyclist!


    Brilliant book for anyone who has wondered just what is it motivates and drives people to ride hundreds of miles in relative obscurity. Funny and full of interesting historical cycling references, this is the best book I've read in while.

  7.  Not chick-lit


    When I saw this book's synopsis and the trailer I was concerned that it was going to be a Bridget Jones style chick lit. It is sentimental in places but the story has a lot more depth and had me hooked pretty much straightaway.

    The author who also contributed to the tv series cold feet has got a great way of drawing you into the lives and situations of the characters. Dexter definitely has a touch of the Oscar Wilde dandy, this gives plenty of excruciatingly scenes of excess and hedonistic overload. Where as Em is very much safer and more reserved she still provides plenty of entertaining story.

    Excellent read, will probably be made into a film that's about half as good as the book.

  8.  Horror Thriller


    The bizarre premise to the book worked surprisingly well with the leap into the main character's, initially confused, world an easy one. The book flows through the lives of four main characters and through a series of episodes you're given enough to understand and care what happens to each of them.
    It's not particularly graphic horror novel more of a horror thriller. Clues and revelations appear along the way making the book more of a fast paced page turner than I would have thought.

  9.  Guilty Pleasure


    This is the first book I've read by Barclay, it was certainly an easy read and a page turner.
    The style of the book reminds me of a cross between scooby-doo and Colombo. The clues do have a tendency to come at you with a giant signal indicating that there's a clue coming.
    Building up of characters is a bit patchy. There are only a few characters each with just enough background to paint them into the story.
    The strange thing is that over all I quite enjoyed the book. It was easy to dip in and out of and had enough in there to keep me entertained. It's the sort of book you could take on a train journey or on holiday and be happy with it.