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  1.  best headphones ive had so far :)


    I used to have the sony headphones that came with the walkman but i broke them so i looked for bass headphones and came across these ones :)
    They are excellant. The bass levels are perfect
    Puts my various other sound systems to shame (computer and car)

    Well worth the money but be warned if u buy them then cheaper headphones just wont be the same

  2.  Brilliant Anime :)


    cowboy bebop is a gr8 anime due to its story
    its not slow becuase every episode is more or less seperate but there is an over all story so once you've seen an episode ur kinda hooked.

    one thing i admire about this anime is its not pervy (with the excpetion of the female bounty hunters outfits) but she doesnt act pervy xD

    seriously worth the money they are asking :)

  3.  best driving game i've owned


    i used to be very addicted to the NFS games
    but a friend told me about this game so i thought i'd pick it up cheap on play.com

    i have never had so much fun on a driving game
    its more precise than NFS but not as realistic as GT
    a perfect balance

    all the aspects of managing ur team later in the game are fun.. i never stopped shouting at my rubbish non-exsistant team mate :)

    this is a game worth double the price play.com are selling it for



    i've had a walkman b4 and it was gd but it just wasnt enough
    becuase i have all the cable etc and i like sony stuff i bought this
    it is amazing
    the screen quality is brilliant
    and unlike the old walkman mp3 players, the menus are really quick!
    the only flaw i hav found is that the bluetooth doesnt work to well if the mp3 player is in your pocket (but thats really not the end of the world)
    sound quality is superb on the bluetooth headphones
    i would recommend this to any1
    this walkman is much better value than the ipod rival

  5.  Brilliant piece of kit


    this memory stick is great
    it looks really cool and it does feel a bit like a gadget
    its never let me down and works with anything
    worth buying if you want to spend out a little more and if you love 007