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  1.  Don't base it on the singles


    The album is far better than that. While the well known singles are good, the rest of the songs are far better. Love it, if you love bands like fall out boy you will love this. Buy it!

  2.  Very good


    Total style of their own. Songs that really stand out are the singles. "Crank it up" is the best one on there. Defo have to listen to it, awesome for a dance.

  3.  Ok


    So the real stand out songs are the singles tbh, but the other songs are good too. Well worth the listen if you like their style.

  4.  Love it


    Totally love this album. Have it on at work all the time and always find myself dancing along with it. So good. Obv the "skins" theme is one of the best songs but the rest are good too.

  5.  Terrible


    Has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And it's probably because the beginning is so good. Dark and twisted and scary I really liked it, but about 45 mins in you see where the story is going and you're like "what!!!!!!???!!".

    So bad, stupid ending, ruined what could have been amazing, don't watch it at all, you'll just be disappointed. Even proper horror fans.

  6.  Awesome


    I love a good vampire movie, spesh where you don't really get a lot of the vampires story and its more about the killing. And this is what you get with this movie. Scary and excellent idea, defo worth watching, and the fact you get the little comic book with the DVD makes it all the more worth the monies.

  7.  Best on TV


    I love shows like this, and we've not had a good one since "Buffy", but "Supernatural" is amazing. The monsters are scary, the stories are ace and the brothers are hot. What more could you ask for? Defo worth watching. Amazing.

  8.  Best movie ever


    I've had this since it came out in 1993 (on video of course) and now own it on dvd and love it. Have watched it about a million times and have a stupid amount of stuff with "nightmare" on it.

    Such a good movie, total Tim Burton, you have to see it if you haven't already, even if all the little emo kids have ruined it a little by having a ton of "Nightmare" hoodies.

  9.  Don't get me wrong I love it


    but because I'm such a big fan of "Tim Burton's a nightmare before christmas" I was a little let down by this because its just no where as good. It is amazing though and fun to watch. But if you're expecting something as awesome as "nightmare" then you won't get it, well not quite anyway.

  10.  Addicitve to the max


    Silly little simple game that you think you would get bored of straight away. But I can sit and play it for hours in a row. There are little mini challenges so you're not doing the same thing over and over again. So good, and it's mega cheap too. Every DS player should have one.