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  1.  so boring


    where can i start the green orb hunting is really boring the game itself is so rubbish the halo 3 beta test has finished like in crackdown u collect 300 green orbs and u can only jump about 2 feet in the air and when you finally collect all of them you can only jump five feet the car handling is so crap you have to go really slow in order to keep the handling at a good level so do not buy this game a waste of money this is one of my mistakes

  2.  fun for all the family


    this game is fun for all the family i mean yes you can test your brain and see what it weighs and then get some of the family found and play multiplayer so the multiplayer is cool and it is not bad for £16.99 i would say buy it it is a very fun game

  3.  good


    This is a good shooting game on the wii i mean the control system works well with this game but thw sword fighting can get really boring but apart from that this game is alright and the single player has quite a lot of levels in it which is pretty cool so yeah this is a must have for the wii

  4.  by far the best


    this halo has to be by far the best halo game yet until halo 3 comes out i mean the duel wielding is so cool and the multiplayer is good the single player campaign is good but short i think the best fun is online and it will also work on the xbox 360 as well

  5.  very good boxing game


    i have to say this is one of the most realistic boxing games i have ever played in my life the damage to the boxers face is so real

  6.  very very good game


    i was worried when i brought this game but i am really glad i brought it

  7.  rubiish and very boring


    the most rubbish and boring film i have ever seen in my whole life it was 87 mins of pure rubbish their is no good parts in it at all i am glad i rented it and did not buy it avoid this film at all costs do not waste your money and buy this film the first film was better

  8.  Very good


    I have got about a half way though the game and it is very good there is lots of exploring in it and if you are a HP fan you will enjoy this game

  9.  BORING


    This film was very very boring the storyline was rubbish and there was not many action scens in it i read a couple of reviews in a mag and it said that there was lots of action scens so i thought that i would rent it out so i went and rented it out and watched it and i found it very boring so aviod this one at all costs

  10.  good but not very good


    the film was good but the killing scens was not that gory and the fight between freddy and jason was not very good and the film was not that scary