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  1.  fantastic device.


    What can i say, the new iPad is a stunning.
    I have upgraded from the 1st generation iPad and i am shocked at how beautiful the new retina display is on the device. I downloaded the movie trailer from "Brave" in 1080P to test it and i have not seen such a sharp and vibrant picture on such a small device.
    Compared to the 1st generation iPad this unit feels a lot lighter (the new iPad is however heavier than the iPad2) and feels more natural in the hand.
    The new dictation feaure is good but not fantastic. I have tested it by writing a few emails but on each occasion there have been mistakes- maybe a new update will fix this.
    I have not had chance to test out the quad core graphics as there are not many games that appeal to me at the moment on the app store but im sure this will grow once developers have had time in using the extra specs they now have.
    If you are thinking of getting the new iPad this is the perfect time to get one as it is certainly the best tablet on the market for ease of use and quickness. If you are upgrading from a previous iPad i would only buy this if you have the 1st generation iPad, the iPad 2 is just as capable as the new iPad minus the retina display.

  2.  Not that great


    I was really looking forward to see this at the cinema but was greatly disapointed.
    The movie was funny in places but most of the time you were sat there thinking "When is it going to end". Rowan Atkinson was great as ever but the movie was run down by the dull story line. I think the first Mr bean movie was better. Save your money and dont buy this title. Watch it on Digital when it comes or if you can't wait for it to become really cheap before you buy it.

  3.  A good piece of kit.


    I just recieved my charger and first impressions were good. The stand looks good and looks part of the wii setup.
    My only problem with the wii charger is that the packs dont fit in that well and trying to get them out is even worse. You have to push hard to get the things out and ive heard this has caused breakages of wii motes. Apart from this the charger is excellent. The charger charges the remotes fairly quickly and the batterys last for a reasonable time.
    This is certainly a piece of kit that all Nintendo wii owners should have. You no longer have to worry about buying batteries to chuck away. (A reader below says there was no intructions included but if you open the cardboard wii pocket inside the plastic packaging you will find intructions to help you)

  4.  Great on Blu ray! Must own!


    Not being a massive Bond lover and seeing it at the cinema i was very much empressed. Daniel Craig is fantastic as Bond, the direction is good as is the action and sfx in the movie.
    I purchased the movie on Standard Def DVD and then got it free from sony for buying the PS3 and can safely say there is a massive difference. The picture becomes much brighter and crisper through out and is very noticable. The actors and actresses faces look as if they are actually in your living room talking to you (They look so real!). The sound quality of this DVD is very good compared to other blu ray DVD's available.
    Even the price Play.com sell this DVD for is very much value for money and is an essential to give your Blu ray collection a headstart. Go and press the buy button (go on)

  5.  Full of fun


    I was in hesterics watching this movie. The movie is full of comedy like the other movies but some bits are dull.
    The main centre piece of the scary movie is "war of the worlds." The aliens come from "ipods" and cause mayhem (all to comical affect of course lol). The cast from the other movies have returned for this one + a few new members.
    If you liked the previous versions i promise you wont be disapointed