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  1.  Stupid


    A thoroughly lame plot draped over what seems like a rushed script and a bunch of unconvincing actors. Avoid.

  2.  Awesome but flawed


    This phone is amazing. The camera's fantastic, the apps are awesome and the various stuff it can do is really impressive. The only problem is the battery. This phone lasts generally up to about 8 hours without charging, which isn't very good in comparison with my old phone.

  3.  SWEET


    Modern warfare 2 is definitely the best action game I've played. Most other action games consist of you killing a few people, listening to some story then killing some more, this game to be honest isn't much different, but the way it's presented and the different things you can do is amazingly well thought up.
    At one point you could be fighting on a war torn field, bullets and rockets flying past you, only for it to seamlessly drop you into a interactive cut scene which could be anything from watching a nuke go off; knocking you off your feet, to you taking a gun shot just as you're running towards a homeward bound helicopter, causing you to fall and have to crawl franticly to save yourself. It's things like this which make this game stand out from other action games, it also keeps every second of the game very intense, because you just dont know what to expect...just like a REAL warzone!
    The story is well thought up, it's easy to understand without being too shallow. The voice acting is really good which helps immersing you into the intense fights and the story based dialogue.

    I haven't played the multi player yet, my xbox live doesnt work :(
    but I've heard good things about it.
    definitely worth the money.

  4.  a dream game


    brutal legend is in short. awesome.
    set in a MASSIVE open world which is bigger than the farcry 2 world, jack black gives some serious laughs. the gameplay is solid and fun. the story is surprisingly deep and the soundtrack is better than any other game i've played.
    Dont judge this game on the demo, theres so much more to it than that. anyone who judges the game badly based on the demo needs to play through the rest of the game.

  5.  so annoying.


    Alone in the dark seemed like a pretty good game based on the customer reviews here on play, so I bought a copy.
    The graphics are OK, the fire is pretty realistic but the animation is a bit choppy.
    The game play is puzzle based, most of the puzzles involve you putting out a fire, starting a fire, or shutting down some power switch thing so a pool of water is passable. Another example is where you have to scale an elevator shaft whiles trying to avoid falling debris and swinging electrical cables.
    When is comes to combat there isn't anything more annoying than having to swing a burning chair at a zombie only to miss and have the chair burn you, forcing you to drop it, leaving you vulnerable to an attack. As soon as you get hit, you flinch and lose control of the character for a second, which is just enough time for the monster to attack again. This seems pretty bad at first but later on in the game you have to fight about 12 of these things at once!!
    This game is hard, and the only reason for it being so hard is the movement constriction, for example, at one point I was on almost no health after taking a beating from a small army of infected, so I try and turn around and find somewhere to hide and heal myself. By the time I've turned around and built up to a run I'm already surrounded and being sodomised by the undead.
    It's like this for all aspects of movement, even when in a car the turning and braking is slow. The amount of times I've crashed into a tree isn't worth thinking about.
    So (it seems) to make these annoying difficult parts of the game passable, the developers have added a "skip to next chapter" function, which to be honest just seems like they anticipated people having a hard time at certain areas, so instead of rethinking those particular areas they've just allowed us to jump ahead and miss some of the story, which is a shame because the story isn't that bad, but to fully understand what's going on, you need to hear all of it.
    Don't waste your money (and sanity) on this game.

  6.  odd, funny, sad all in one


    This film is definately one of my favourites. Bruce campbells brilliant acting, the story tells the tale of an old elvis look-a-like who is on his last legs in an old folks home. You genuinely feel sorry for him, he used to be a proud man who had every thing to live for but now he's reduced to spending his days in his bed thinking about past times.
    The soundtrack is incredible, it contrasts really well with bruce campbells character.
    The story is basically as follows: An ancient mummy is unleashed upon the helpless people who dwell in the old folks home after a truck carrying a sarcofficus crashed nearby so the mummy waits until the old folks are asleep then drains their souls from their bodies. So "Elvis" and his friend "JFK" seek to destroy this mummy before it takes what's left of their lives.
    Not to be missed.

  7.  AMAZING :D


    If you're a traditional vampire movie fan i.e ann franks interpretation of vampires then you may or may not find this movie amazing :d
    First of all, it doesnt have any of the "romantic" style vampires ( how could draining all of someones blood through their neck be romantic anyhow?!) the vampires are just plain ol' evil and are out to tear some serious throats. It starts off fairly slowly but once the action starts, it keeps going until the dramatic ending.
    The only problem i see with it is you always have the character who does something stupid and gets lots more people in danger, we've seen that guy so many times in other movies, it just gets a little frustrating when you see another fool chase after his crazy old dad into a street filled with super fast vampire bee hatches.
    Buy it! :D

  8.  "want some...GET SOME!!"


    Massively funny
    Must see
    If you didnt find this funny...then you're strange

  9.  best story I've read :)


    I first read this book when i was in primary school and i absolutely loved it. I read it again the other day and i enjoyed it as much as i did when i was a kid. Not to be missed .

  10.  awesome!


    Already had a bunch of people laughing over this shirt. Makes me chuckle every time i wear it :d