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  1.  Unrecognised Talent


    I have been a big fan of Justin's work since he released his 1st album Holly in the states in 2007 and have since been checking on his website to find when his latest material is coming out. I pre-ordered my copy of You I Wind Land and Sea when it was released in the U.S. and the album does not disapoint. Holly was a remarkable album and perhaps this one is a great follow up. If you love the likes of James Morrison, Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Jamie Scott then this is undoubtley an album for you. The best songs by far are Heartless, Swan in the Water, My Heart is Yours, Carried You.....infact the whole album is spectacular and original. A breath of fresh air compared to all the manufactured material flooding the airwaves. Hopefully he will come to Ireland do a few gigs. His name needs 2 be spread more. After Tonight is still my favourite song by his. Purchase Holly before you listen to the follow up and you will indeed become a fan.

  2.  She Came, She Saw....She Gaga'ed


    Brill Album.....got it March 08 (on the hush hush)....and still listen 2 it. Her nu materail is brill aswell.....Look out for 'No Way', 'Honest Eyes', 'Bad Romance'.....all A1 tunes!!! Bring on the nu album!!

  3.  Another ''Step Up Level'' Album.....Outstanding!!


    808S & heartbreak is composed of the eleven most intimate tracks of west's career. It's kanye at his coldest and most vulnerable, but it showcases his versatility and confidence. This isn't a hip-hop album; it is a dark pop album, or "pop art" as west describes it. Not many artists can switch up their game like this and still be successful. The album is definitely a grower, as the first initial listens will require you to get over the fact that west's rapping are feel-good beats. With 808s & heartbreak, kanye west has furthered himself from the pack, adding new heights and layers to his already impressive résumé. Those who aren't happy with kanye's change with this album-relax- west will be back with his hip-hop game in 2009 with good ass job, so he isn't quitting his day job haha.!

    Top songs to download if you don't want the whole album are
    1) Heartless
    3)Coldest winter
    And of course love lockdown!!

  4.  Quality Album!


    What an improvement from the firts album & I was a fan of that! This album is full of brilliant songs- by far the best ones are damaged, sukka for love, 2 of you, Lights out, is anybody there and by far the best is pretty boy! buy this album & you will not regret it. The only flaw with this album is the interludes...there is 3 which is 2 many for my liking....also key to my heart is boring so skip that lol....but overall a great album!

  5.  Outstanding!!!


    At the first few listens of this album i thought of it to be nothing special but after the 3rd listen i became addicted! I'm willing to say that even though it may seem impossible ....it could b a better album than st.elsewhere.
    Top songs are Charity Case, Run, Open Book & of course Blind Mary!! Buy this album & yu wont regret it!

  6.  Outstanding!!!


    A few months ago I accidentally came acroos her single rockferry on youtube and I knew that she would soon be a big success! Billiant debut album! One flaw though! .... Why not more songs??? The album is only 43 mins and with a voice like hers, you want to hear more! Amy Winehouse watch out!-Duffys About!

  7.  Rubbish!!


    Although I heard bad reviews for this dvd, being a hardcore family guy fan I disguarded this and bought this dvd. I should have listened to what others were sayin & kept my money. Utter rubbish.....not once did I laugh and ashamedly to say I fell asleep watching it! Thats how bad it was. Keep your money!! Borrow off a friend if you really want to watch it,but DONT be a fool like me & buy it!!

  8.  Usher and JT move Over!


    Only 18 and coming out materia like this.....unreal! every song if to be released would be a sure hit! Bought this album the day it came out & am still not fed up of it! Best songs are 'Hold Up', 'Down', 'Fallen Angel', 'Picture Perfect' & Of Course 'With You'!.....i'd name them all but these are the 1s that spring to mind at the moment! Buy this album & u will not regret it!

  9.  Quality!


    Absolutely Brilliant! All songs are excellent and origional! A biiiig improvement from Frank! Buy this album & u won't regret it. See her live 2! Outstanding!!!